Sprint Officially Launches Samsung Instinct

Sprint has officially launched the Samsung Instinct multimedia device after a one day exclusive presale event on Thursday.

The device features EVDO Rev. A data access, a 3.1 inch WQVGA resolution display with haptic feedback, HTML web browser, media player, GPS support through Sprint Navigation, 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder and flash, speakerphone, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, microSDHC expansion slot with built-in 2GB card, stylus, and two batteries included along with visual voicemail support.

The device is now available from Sprint online for $229.99 after new 2 year agreement and activation on an Everything or Data Share family plan and $220 instant discount before an additional $100 mail-in rebate, bringing the total to $129.99.

Encyclopedia: Samsung Instinct

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7 responses to “Sprint Officially Launches Samsung Instinct”

  1. EJ

    If I try to upgrade, I’m offered the Instinct at $229. Does the additional $100 mail-in rebate follow for existing Sprint users?

  2. RP

    I’d like to see more WinMo phones like the HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Diamond Pro.

  3. Dustin

    Can we maybe see a review of this thing?

  4. Christopher Price

    A full review is in-the-works, and should be up some time next week.

  5. OJ

    I dunno about WinMo phones RP. I’ve personally never had a WinMo phone but I’ve had some other WinMo products and the support as far as firmware/software updates and stability of the OS hasn’t been the greatest for me. I’m kinda partial to the proprietary OS’s. There are a few reviews out of this phone already. I got mine yesterday and so far, besides the browser needing improvement, I have no complaints.

  6. Kenneth

    The most unbias review I’ve ever seen about the Instinct in relation to the iPhone. http://www.phonedog.com/cell-phone-videos/video-sprint-samsung-instinct-vs-lg-vu-vs-iphone-long-version.aspx