5 responses to “Sprint to Offer Sprint Mobile Email Work in the Coming Weeks”

  1. Christopher Price

    It’s worth noting that Sprint Mobile Email Work is just a re-tooled version of the older Business Connection Personal Edition. So, if you’ve been using BCPE, this is just an updated version of that… which now costs $9.99/month.

  2. Don Louie

    It only cost for plans that aren’t Everything or Data Share, those plans it’s free

  3. Jeff

    The biggest problem with all of these services is that big companies don’t want users to have corporate email on an uncontrolled device. For example, if the phone is lost there is often no way for a company to erase the emails. Blackberry’s solved this, and I think the new iPhone has it. Sprint needs to solve this problem and needs to help companies see how easy and safe their solution is.

  4. Sprint brings Sprint Mobile Email Work to the table - Specs, reviews and prices.

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  5. Sprint Brings Sprint Mobile Email Work to the Table

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