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5 responses to “Sprint Launches Motorola CPEi25150 WiMax Modem for Home/Office”

  1. Christopher Price

    Oh boy! I can get a Sprint two year contract and pay Sprint $20 more per month than what Clearwire offers for the same exact service.

    Sprint, this was not your finest hour this week.

  2. other

    is this the same modem Clear uses or is it a higher end model?

    it states dual antennas but the Clear modem does not…

  3. Michael Cooper

    When I signed up with clear for the service I purchased a modem for 79.99 without contract just had to pay 39.99 activation fee please tell me am I this dumb sprint!?

  4. El W

    Boy, Chris, you hit the nail on the head.

    It looks like the same modem Clear uses. In my office, I’ve hit 14Mb/s download with that modem. I’m about 150 yards from the tower near Austin.

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