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14 responses to “Google Nexus One on January 5th According to Reuters, Possible Pricing Revealed”

  1. JJ

    199.99 for an unlocked android htc phone? That is awesome. If only it was easier to have unlocked cdma phones. All other companies better think about lowering their phone prices,especially sprint…$350 for TP2.

  2. cazper

    What is meant by “old Google Accounts”?

  3. rizzo

    Oh great another phone to further cripple AT&T’s network. Bring this phone to Sprint!

  4. JJ

    You said it Rizzo… Until Att really has all the 3g coverage they should have phones there will be a horrible option. Verizon or Sprint are the best options if you want to take full advantage of any smartphone.

  5. JailBird

    Talking about confusing… This story says “data service on T-Mobile or AT&T” and yet the story right below it says:

    Update: The FCC documentation released today only shows test results for the 1700MHz W-CDMA band and European 900/2100 bands, confirming its status as a T-Mobile USA exclusive

    So… which is it?

  6. ali

    I read somewhere that At&t did not want to carry android because of possible interference with the iphone thing. Thats why all the major carriers have android except for them. The missing 850/1900 3g band would mean they would be stuck on edge on AT&T [which would be a waste of phone].

  7. Christopher Price

    If AT&T was/is/may carry this phone, it would be a UMTS 850/1900 variant. It’s still not clear if a quad-band 3G 850/1900/1700/2100 MHz variant will be released or not.

    AT&T has not “resisted” Android, they were focusing on two Android handsets that both were rejected due to different issues. The company does however prefer adding iPhone users that are less likely to defect to another carrier, so there is less of a drive to add iPhone than other carriers which lack a competitive OS.

  8. BBrooksSux

    What a dumb name for a phone. Trekkies should not be allowed to name sell phones designed to compete with the Iphone. Nexus One….Warf engage!!!!

  9. Christopher Price

    Actually, Nexus One is a Blade Runner reference, to the Nexus line of… Androids.

    The Blade Runner estate’s manager is considering legal action against Google over it.

  10. BBrooksSux

    Wow, well take away my take my SCIFI Channel subscription. That makes it even worse of a name. Great Movie, don’t get me wrong, but to actually steal the name from such an iconic movie was not the best idea in the world.
    Nonetheless, it should have had a better catchier name. I’d give anything for a phone to knock Jobs’ job of it’s pedestal but it won’t happen without the right name.

  11. JJ

    It really doesn’t matter what name the phone has. If the iphone had a different name it would still be the highly sought out phone it is today. Some of you guys are just looking at the wrong thing. Instead of focusing on the name you should be thinking about the specs of the phone and who is going to carry it and what type of OS enhancements it is going to receive. Lets talk about the features of the phone because in the end the name isn’t what gives it the snapdragon proccessor is it?

  12. BBrooksSux

    The average person doesn’t give a crap about what OS enhancementws it has, or it’s snapdragon processor. People are sheep, they follow the pack. And the average person latches on to something catchy. Why do you think marketing and advertising phones make so much money? Specs are boring and nerdy. You need something catchy to get it ringing in somones ear. Why do you think it took so long to launch the Iphone, Jobs wanted to get it right from both a technical and way more important a marketing standpoint. Let’s face it the only people more sheepish about a product than BB users are Apple clones.

  13. Greg

    Neither… it’s a $179 Verizon phone availible unlocked at $529.

  14. aaron pearson

    I didn’t realize what the Nexus One was really (kind of) named after. Has Blade Runner gone through with any legal action against Google? That would be quite a battle I’d think.