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8 responses to “Samsung Instinct Q Images Surface”

  1. Jeff

    Instinct = FAIL

    They should punt the name after the M800. That piece of junk should have been recalled a year ago.

  2. Don Louie

    Will this have qchat? Between the Pre, 850, this and even the Ace II I don’t know what I want

  3. Duker

    Instinct Q? Talk about name confusion! And it looks like neither!!!

  4. F1


    If this has both 4G + 3G, it must be the Android,I sited from “Escalation”, since “Hero”, has 3G only.

    Thank You

  5. F1

    @ Don Louie

    Little feedback on the Palm Pro 850, w/no forced plan changes:

    The Good:

    1.Skyfire, 1st with “Flash Internet”, YouTube,Hulu streaming audio/video!

    2.32GB MicroSDHC ready, easier access/larger buttons than Pre, elegant Hardware design, Charger is a 2 inch matt black cylinder w/USB.

    3.By far the most powerful radio, reception even with a single bar! Speaker phone loud & clear and WiFi

    4.Very inexpensive,far better buy/design than Snap,(although HTC’s WM update to 6.5 will be coming before Palm),touch and larger screen.

    The Bad:

    1. Smudge magnet finish!

    2. WM OS Phone book and calculator poor design!

    Thank You

  6. Don Louie

    F1, I was talking about the Samsung 850

  7. Don Louie

    Am I the only one whe feels like they are cheating the phone by not giving it all the HD has, AMOLED, 5mp cam and a tv out?

  8. Don Louie

    What’s to that rumor of this will have ptt, that would be something the HD won’t be equipped with