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20 responses to “Review: T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) – The First Google Android Phone”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Woah, so this thing is really the hardware of a 6700/Wizard??? Is the final release going to have newer hardware?
    Also, does it work with AT&T 3G? And how much is it unlocked? Or is that info even available yet?
    Like pretty much everyone who is into PDA phones, I am curious about the Andrioid OS, and the G1/Dream phone. But if it’s using the same hardware as a PPC-6700 then I might have to pass on this generation. The Fuze should be out pretty soon, and I’m thinking/hoping there will be an Android phone based on that hardware…

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  5. paul

    Very Nice Review, Posted a link on my blog

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  7. Milkbone98

    never fail to disappoint Chris, Thanks for the honest opinion.

  8. Milkbone98

    No Edit—
    Odds on flashing an MDA to Android?

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  10. erollano

    – Is the G1 thicker, is it faster than a Palm’s Treo?
    – Will the Market applications be compatible with future Android phones?
    – It it possible to browse the Android Market without having the G1?
    – Are any of the other manufacturers or carriers working on Android phones?

    Thank you for your very detailed review!

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  12. Android Freeware

    Yet another objective review of Christopher Price, this time of T-Mobile G1, based upon the HTC Dream platform. We are to expect the same device re-branded for another carriers and eventually one model from HTC itself under their own brand. According to some rumors, there are also works in progress on non-touch screen devices (akin the landscape emulator from SDK). Who will get them branded first?

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  14. Simple

    I just got my hands on this new toy today, and im just exploring it. Really amazing new toy, i liked the Android OS. This Phone gonna be hit ….

  15. allen

    I have an iphone and I find it to be great device, but a poor phone. How about including phone functionality in smartphone reviews?

  16. Deepak

    Is there a magnifying software available for this phone? Usage is for a person who cannot hear and is legally blind, and thus font has to be a minimum of 15 mm high. Thanks