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6 responses to “Palm Officially Announces iTunes, Mass Storage Support, and App Catalog for Pre”

  1. celz

    this is too early for me mainly lack of apps and community support.. but wm7 and these newer android builds better step it up

  2. joethestone23

    Two things:

    1. I hope the iTunes compatibility isn’t the hidden feature they are talking about. Anyway idea what they might be talking about? I am dreaming that it is 4G.

    2. The silver button on the front… it a freakin trackball or not?

  3. Curveballer

    No the silver button on the front takes u back to the desktop. This phone is amazing I’ve played with it for probably 5 hours already super easy to use and super stable

  4. latinoartielange


  5. Don Louie

    1. Is natively meaning you can access itunes out the boy? 2. What’s to the rumor Apple will stop this access after launch? 3. I read that Pandora is allowing you to buy itunes songs thru them, is this the app coming to the Pre? 4. Does itunes access allow you to buy songs, albums, tv and movies or is it just access to purchased content?

  6. Christopher Price

    1. iTunes will treat the Palm Pre as if it were a standard iPod for music. The Palm Pre can play all music except for DRM music. You can use iTunes Plus inside the iTunes Store to update all music, which will remove any DRM songs you might have in iTunes.

    2. Theoretically, Apple could try to block the Palm Pre, by examining differences in how the “PrePod” firmware acts from a standard iPod. This is only a theory, it could develop into a tit-for-tat scenario where Apple blocks the PrePod functionality, only prompting Palm to update their firmware to work around the patches.

    Of course, if Palm and Rubenstein did the job right, Apple wouldn’t be able to block the “PrePod” technology. It all boils down to how well Palm can con/convince iTunes into thinking the Pre is an old-gen iPod.

    3. Pandora would be more likely to interface with Amazon MP3, which is built-in to the Pre. However, we cannot confirm that they will at this time.

    4. You cannot access iTunes from the Pre. All you can do is sync music from iTunes on your Mac or PC, to the Pre. iTunes sync support does not include video or TV Show support at this time, even if it is not encrypted. This is because Palm’s hack relies on old (first, second, and third gen) iPod firmware techniques.