Nokia Preparing WiMAX N800, American N95

Two already-released Nokia devices have leaked out in the past 24 hours, as newly reinvented units aimed squarely at the United States.

The first is an American version of the Nokia N95. The popular, feature-rick S60 smartphone will be upgraded to support UMTS 850/1900, and gain a larger battery. The phone will still have all the features that make it popular: dual-slders, massive storage, and built-in GPS navigation.

The second device is a WiMAX-enabled version of the Nokia N800. The N800 has a cult-following as being a Linux-based web tablet. The device lacks a built-in phone, relying on VoIP service instead. Nokia has directly confirmed that Sprint is planning to carry the device.

Such an announcement all but confirms Sprint is planning to offer VoIP service across its WiMAX devices. VoIP-based phone calling over WiMAX would enable Sprint to quickly deploy new devices with very minimal changes to the software in a standard WiMAX device, as most WiMAX devices already support SIP VoIP calling.

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