AT&T Expands Insurance to BlackJack

The Samsung BlackJack has become AT&T’s most popular smart device… with the possible exception of Apple’s iPhone. The device has had a near-free market price, Windows Mobile 6 upgrade promised, and takes advantage of AT&T’s advanced HSDPA network.

Effective immediately, Asurion, AT&T’s insurance provider, has chosen to allow insurance plans on the Samsung i607 BlackJack. That means that any new purchase of a BlackJack can qualify for AT&T’s insurance plan, as well as any BlackJack activated within the past 30 days. It is important to note that Asurion will not insure any device that was activated more than 30 days ago, so most existing BlackJack owners will not be able to purchase insurance.

Such a change marks the first time that AT&T has supported insuring smart devices. Cingular, now part of AT&T, refused to insure any smart device or limited-release device. All other national carriers generally support insuring devices regardless of type or manufacturer.

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