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13 responses to “New LG Voyager Update Mimics iPhone”

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    […] update was released 48 hours ago to stores, and makes several improvements. Most of the updates focused on fixing Bluetooth issues, […]

  2. KJ

    I wish they would come out with an update to allow an on screen qwerty keypad to text.

  3. Dylan

    I brought my Voyager into Verizon today to be updated. They told me it would take 45 minutes, so I got lunch and came back an hour later. When I returned, my phone still wasn’t ready.

    Ten minutes later they told me that there was an error updating my phone and my phone was now broken. I lost all of my contacts, music, pictures, text messages… EVERYTHING gone. They issued me another phone and said sorry.

    This “new” phone they gave me had BIG problems with the touch screen. I couldn’t touch anything I wanted no matter how many times I tried. It kept clicking the wrong button. I called Verizon and complained and they told me I had to go back to the store to get another phone.

    So…. After an entire day of trying to get my phone updated… I now have no contacts or music etc… but I have a brand new Voyager. Big Deal.

    Fuck Verizon. I hate them so much.

  4. Homer

    @Dylan: call the waambulance. Same thing happened to me (well they didn’t *break* it, but told me it wouldn’t connect through the data port), so they gave me a brand new one on the spot.

    Since was S M R T enough to spend 20 bucks on a memory card, all my contacts and pictures and music wat not lost. Only thing I lost were text messages, and, well, whoopideedoo.

  5. lingai

    hey Dylan did you try to set the Calibration on your first replacement voyage?
    its in the touch settings…in settings just adding that

  6. Phoenix

    The person who wrote this is obviously a Iphone fanboy and decides to attack it rather then give it a fair review. This review is worthless and should be taken down.

  7. Alex Smith

    i really liked the voyager at first now i cant stand it. the touch screen is so lame and i dont even use it, i wish it had more options and for some reason my text take forever to go through. when i asked verizon to fix it they gave me 4 million excuses for why it might not work and pretty much said that its not verizon its the other companys that a bunch of S*** i had cingular and never had problems **** VERIZON

  8. Tammy C

    i had the first version of the voyager and i upgraded today
    “The new update, V07, enables the user to change the array of icons on Voyager’s home screen. This is an obvious answer to iPhone’s 1.1.3 update, which added similar functionality earlier this month.”
    that “new feature” was on the old one, so saying they updated it to immitate the iPhone is wrong.

  9. Frank  .E

    I bought a black voyager in July 08. Love it heard about the upgrade. Went to my Verizon store it took 75 min’s to complete the process. Touch screen seems more responsive. Like the white back ground. Not much else different i dont do Rhasphody or visual voice mail.

  10. Kirk

    I have not updated my Voyager and I bought it a few days after it’s origonal release. Christopher, your reporting is not correct, I can move the home screen icons wherever and to whatever I want. I have seen the update and it just changes the way in which you can move them.