Motorola Software Update: New Phones Only?

Motorola has begun using their Motorola Software Update to update current Motorola phones. For example, Alltel K1m owners can download the latest firmware for their device, and US Cellular V3c customers can also update their phones unassisted.

However, Motorola appears to be unwilling to update the hundreds of older devices using Motorola Software Update (or MSU for short). These phones are supported by MSU’s underlying software (which is known as P2K PST). However, Motorola has declined to comment to PCS Intel as to why they are refusing to offer existing software updates to customers.

Some carriers, such as Verizon have opted out of the program for the most part. Verizon has only permitted the Motorola Q to be updated using MSU. Cingular has not decided to opt-out or not, nor has T-Mobile. Sprint instead uses their Firmware Over-The-Air update process, as well as Motorola’s existing iDEN Update for Nextel devices. Unlike MSU, iDEN Update supports the full range of Motorola iDEN devices with at-home updating.

MSU joins Nokia’s Software Update, as well as Sony Ericsson’s Update Service. All three phone makers use software update systems that empower end-users to update their phone simply by connecting it to their PC, and running the update application.

Motorola Software Update