AppZone: Apple’s iPhone Spoken Quickly?

PCS Intel has avoided the constant iPhone rumor mill (which has been running strong since about when PCS Intel was started… three years ago). However, new documents have leaked out, and confirmation from industry sources appears concerted on the same information.

Verizon’s latest projected launch estimate has set for launch on Janurary 30 a product called “AppZone”. It is odd and rare for a product to appear within 60 days before shipping with nothing known about it. AppZone, when spoken slowly, does resemble “Apple’s Phone”. This is also in-line with Digg founder Kevin Rose’s statements earlier this week, indicating that iPhone will be available on all carriers at-launch.

Image courtesy HowardForums, highlighted by PCS Intel

MacWorld Expo has long been considered the announcement date of an Apple phone, and Apple tends to ship products within 30 to 90 days of announcement. Verizon’s approval date of 1/30/07 falls in-line with such a launch window.