Verizon’s New Guarantees – Simplified

We’ll go over all the new Worry Free Guarantee offers that Verizon has rolled out over the past month. Read more to see what they offer, and how they help you.

The New Worry Free Guarantee

Announced earlier this year, Verizon said that they would be rolling out new services to customers. However, details were withheld until the changes actually took effect. While the changes officially took effect last month, many have asked as to specifics. Many changes have confusing implementations that we will go over in this article.

New Every One

New Every One stems from Verizon’s New Every Two system, both of which provide phones at the new-customer price every one and two years respectively.

New Every One and New Every Two are both still in-effect, though the requirements for each program is different. New Every Two customers can upgrade their phones every two years, regardless of what plan they have. But, New Every One customers must be on a plan of $59.99 or higher to qualify. Since add-a-phone secondary lines are only $9.99/month, they do not qualify for New Every One.

Both New Every One and New Every Two require you to re-commit to a two-year agreement. Customers on a one year agreement can continue to upgrade every year at the one-year contract price as they did previously.

Backup Assistant – Free?

Verizon also announced that they were making their Backup Assistant software free. In case you don’t know, Backup Assistant backs up your contact list nightly, and allows you to access/sync it from the Backup Assistant web site.

However, there is a catch. In order to get Backup Assistant for free, you must sign up for Verizon’s My Account online access service (which, is free). It is important to note, that when downloading Backup Assistant to your phone, it will still claim there is a $1.99/month charge. Verizon says that you will not be charged this monthly fee so long as you are registered with My Account.

Minute Review

Verizon also offers now on its My Account service a Minute Review system. However, this is not a standard minute reviewing service. For example, it will not notify you when you are approaching or have exceeded your monthly minute allowance.

Instead, it periodically reviews your monthly bills and lets you know when you appear to be chronically exceeding your minute buckets. Verizon touts this system as a good guideline for when you should upgrade to a higher minute plan.

However, it is important to note again that Minute Review is not a Minute Watcher. Even when you go over your minutes by the end of the month, it can take months for Minute Review to suggest you change plans.