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6 responses to “Motorola Releases Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Verizon Q9c”

  1. Gary

    I have update my phone to 6.1 and this program sucks. Not that much of a difference in the system. The one pain is now my contacts will not sych to outlook.. I am running vista and now I hate windows more than ever.

  2. Christopher Price

    Gary, please continue discussion on your issue, in the thread that you started in the forums:

  3. spurs561

    This update supremely stinks ( it is for Verizon so I can’t speak for the other carriers ) in the fact that once it reaches the firmware screen on the phone it reports that it is disconnected on the software screen and to restart the phone which requires the battery be removed. It is frozen at that point. Then when it reconnects it states it is not the same hardware and won’t continue. I have tried to do this update on 5 different machines with 3 different operating systems other than windows Vista 64. And also on 2 other Q9C’s. I have removed software and reinstalled, I have re-downloaded the software update several times from the Motorola site. I have done complete and total Master resets as well as a complete and total format of all of my Q9C’s. Nothing is working. I have contacted Motorola 4 times with no response. I am a certified Tech so I can’t imagine what the average end user is going through. Needless to say I will not be getting any other Motorola products. They can’t write a program properly (as well as Microsoft getting some of the blame here) and they will not provide customer service, or even a courtesy response. And I mean no response at all from any of their provided contacts. I can’t even believe these knuckleheads won’t respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I guess they think they are so big that they don’t need to. Bad mistake in this day and age. A lot of people can be contacted in a very short time. And bigger companies have fallen when they decided their customers did not matter. Oh well! This is to warn you folks that may be about to try it. It’s not worth the headache and I suggest that you buy an LG, Samsung or anything else where they at least provide customer support of any kind!!!!!!!

  4. Dean

    It is funny i have had the same exact issues you have and you are correct it is a pain. not sure that they coudl screw this up so bad for Verizon when other people are saying they had no problems with other carriers upgrades. But I am with you it really sucks.

  5. klc67

    Same issue as Spurs561 & Dean. Anyone figuire it out? I’ve been searching and havn’t found anything yet.

  6. Q-master

    I haven’t updated my Q9c and everything is great. I tried using the latest Saga and HTC, both are terrible. Voice recognition is much worse and Bluetooth tethering is gone. Verizon support is really horrible too. I returned them to go back to the Q9c. Q9c (with no updates) rules supreme.