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65 responses to “LG Dare VX9700 Unboxed, First Impressions”

  1. se merrick

    I just learned that one of the features of the LG DARE is for the screen to go black when something is placed close to the front of the phone’s screen (ie your face when making a phone call…) This is done to conserve battery battery power. Once you remove the what was close to the front of the phone, the screen returns to normal. Hope that resolves some problems đŸ™‚

  2. Kim

    I’ve had my Dare since December and I HATE it!!! My calls, texts or voicemails don’t come through 100% of the time, as they should. Of course Verizon is less than helpful and I’ve called 4 times in the last week and they are finally sending me a replacement. But, from what I hear from 2 of my friends with the Dare, they have the same issues. It’s a piece of crap…enough said.

  3. se merrick

    I want to love the DARE so bad but I just can’t.

    One of the main problems that I have is with the “so called” push email feature.Infact, that’s the reason why I got the phone–to check emails. It simply doesn’t work 100% of the time. I even had Verizon upgrade the phone to version 6 of the phone’s software. I was told by the representative that this would resolve the email problems NOT! The specific problem is that I do not get notification beep for GMAIL. The other email that I have accounts (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!) receive spotty notifications–that is sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes for the beep and icon notification, if at all I get it. I’m expecting a phone call from one of the Verizon techs today. And if this doesn’t resolve said problems, I’m throwing in the towel. I may get the Blackberry Storm.

  4. jill

    I just received my dare yesterday and I am having the same problem with the screen going blank during a call. When I hold the phone away from my face, the screen does not re-appear. I have tried absolutely everything – to no avail. Is there a trick or software update which can be used to fix this glitch? Someone posted the following method – but I do not exactly understand how to enter ##program9700.

    1. go to make a call type in ##program9700 and hit send
    2. hit 000000 when it asks for the service code
    3. go to field test
    4. go all the way down to proximity call and just space your finger appx two cm away and hit yes and hold until it says test success

  5. Bobby

    The “field test” fix worked for me. BTW…when they say dial “###program9700” you just hit the numbers that correspond with the letters…so type “###77647269700”.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see this work…it was awesome. I’m so glad I don’t have to go into a Verizon service center now and wait hours to have that done. THANK YOU to whomever posted that fix…you were a life and time saver.

  6. j-mack

    I’ve had 2 LG Dares in the last 5 months. The LG Dare i had the first 4mnths one froze up when I sent a txt msg. It said “message sent” until the backlight went off. When i first bought the phone i loved that i could reply to texts faster than on my Samsung Alias [SCH-U740]. I could also send pic msgs in like 20 secs at the most. [depending on where the contact I was sending 2 was in my contacts]. After freezing up for two months, it froze up COMPLETELY after i turned it off and tried 2 turn it on again 2hrs later.

    I got a replacement LG Dare since i have insurance and they boss told the employee he had 2 replace my phone according 2 the warranty.
    Now I’ve had this Dare for one month and its already starting 2 freeze up when I send txts. It restarts EVERY TIME i send a pic msg. It cant be because I send and receive over 1000 txts per month. It has 2 be the phone.

    if anyone knows how 2 fix this, please let me know. Im going 2 get a different phone before this phone doesnt come on like the last one didnt.

    thanks 4 reading this whole comment

  7. stupid.kid808

    hey anyone,
    i have a verizon lg dare. unlocked for mobi pcs. it’s a local company located in hawaii.
    i have a problem with this phone. it the beginning it was good. till now. it’s telling me that the bluetooth isn’t supported and it freezes on me. anyone with a solution via email me at

    thank you.

  8. Jerry Benis

    I am having trouble with the touch screen on my LG Dare. I was unable to unlock the phone to answer 2 calls and 3 voice mails. No matter how hard or softly I pushed on the screen, it wouldn’t unlock. I had to shut it down and then it would unlock. Anyone have any ideas?


  9. stupid.kid808

    i found out that it’s a firmware problem. go to Verizon tell them you want your dare flashed. it’ll take up to 30 to 40 minutes max depending on how old your firmware is. and if it doesn’t solve the problem, Verizon will check you eligibility for warranty/upgrade. But i couldn’t get the warranty exchange or upgrade cause my phone is unlocked. oh and too check for your firmware version. Go to SETTINGS scroll all the way to the bottom to PHONE INFO. and on the next screen select SW/HW Version the [SW Version] should be VX970V06. if it has V03 than that means you haven’t flashed your phone since you got it.

  10. nicole

    Greg I’ve had the same problem with my dare, where the haptics function and vibration doesn’t work on my phone. Can anyone help us?

  11. cruz67

    i bought my dare in sept of 09 and my phone has been flashed, its feb of 2010 and all those problems still are happing with it, my boss has an iphone and when i got my dare we compared them do to verison saying that this is compareable to the iphone, how im not sure, i wish i had did some checking before i bought this phone.

  12. Devon

    Ive had the Dare for less than a year and Ive replaced it two times. I just got the second replacement yesterday and not 3 hours after leaving the store my screen started freaking out. The colors are all messed up and it looks like it was pushed in too much or something. This phone sucks and thats why they dont make them anymore. Dont get this phone. Sorry to burst your bubble but the iphone isnt jesus either. You guys taking these comments so personally are idiots and should try to get off the computer long enough to see that. But as for this phone, its crap.

  13. Devon

    Oh and pretty much every touchscreen phone is gonna have problems with the touch settings. Its just how it is, and if you dont like it get a new phone.

  14. Jill

    My fiance’s Dare stopped working after only 7 months (he never dropped the phone and always kept it in a protective case.) It’s just a horrible phone. He ended up buying an ENV Touch but has not been able to get the Dare to boot up in order to transfer his contacts to the new phone. (He now uses the backup feature on Verizon’s site – but hadn’t been using it with the Dare.)

    My question is whether anyone has a suggestion as to how to boot the Dare in order to view the contact list?

  15. Jill

    PS – He’s already taken the phone to the Verizon store and they were not able to get it to boot up. Only the red and white Verizon screen is displayed.