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25 responses to “Latest Sprint SmartView Update Kills Phone As Modem, Adds Snow Leopard Support”

  1. JJ

    Sprint just keeps making some dumb mistakes. Who in their right mind will pay $60 when you can just hook up your phone and use that. Most people that use the phone as modem feature only use it once in a while. Good Job sprint, keep on loosing thousands more customers.

  2. Christopher Price

    Couple of clarifications.

    Some SmartView versions are already at 2.27, Phone As Modem was phased out of a few of these already. This release marks the formal dropping of PAM from the latest SmartView.

    However, Sprint is not dropping PAM completely. It will still be offered for corporate customers, Sprint Basic 200, and SRDO customers. Sprint SmartView 2.25 will continue to be available for download, though it’s not clear what will happen after Windows 7 SP1 is released (which will likely require an update to keep SmartView working).

    Of course, you don’t need SmartView to use PAM. I think that’s the main reason PAM was dropped from SmartView.

    Finally, partial Snow Leopard support was in SmartView 2.27, but is now also formalized.

  3. JJ

    Where can I get the smartview that allows pam? I am using a mac with a windows mobile phone.

  4. Christopher Price

    SmartView has never supported PAM on Mac.

    To use Windows Mobile with your Mac for Phone As Modem, you will need to either use Bluetooth PAN (via Internet Sharing), Bluetooth DUN (not recommended), or WMWifiRouter/WalkingHotSpot.

  5. JJ

    I am using PAN. I thought smartview would be better. What is the best/fastest way to use PAM on a mac using WM. Lately my current way of using pam has been disconnecting me.

  6. Christopher Price

    SmartView is nothing more than a dialer app. It bundles the drivers and facilitates dialing. I don’t know of a single tech-savvy user that prefers it, as it just adds another layer to the connection process, and also double-checks to make sure you’re using Modem NAI, which the FCC ruled you don’t need to do.

    If you are having reliability issues with Bluetooth PAN, you may want to switch to Wi-Fi using WMWifiRouter.

  7. JJ


  8. Johnny

    Why use SmartView? Just go get the Blackberry software and use the Phone-As-Modem functionality based on that? The other PDA’s that Sprint sells don’t require smartview (think Windows Mobile) to use Phone-As-Modem.

  9. Duker

    Sprint will charge an extra $15 per month if you want to use phone as a modem.

  10. Christopher Price

    Would someone please enlighten Duker as to all the free, legal Phone As Modem options so his spam site doesn’t waste hundreds of dollars a year on tethering fees?

  11. JJ

    You can use PDANET,USB MODEM, wifirouter, and even the internet sharing on windows mobile phones. All legal and work very well!

  12. Russ

    Can someone please enlighten me as to all the free, legal Phone As Modem options?

  13. Christopher Price

    There are multiple threads in the forums, but people have touched on solutions such as PDANet, WMWifiRouter, and WalkingHotSpot. Similar products are available for webOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry.

    The FCC has said that providers cannot force fees for phone as modem, as long as you make it work… you don’t have to pay anything more than the unlimited data fees that are standard.

  14. EP

    No U300 support for Mac yet, Sprint? Brilliant…..

  15. JailBird

    I’m guessing this didn’t happen, as the web page still has 2.27 and the updater doesn’t show anything new. This REALLY sucks as 2.27’s drivers don’t seem to completely work with the U300 under Windows 7 x64.

  16. Christopher Price

    Sprint appears to have missed their launch window. It certainly is not online yet, despite the internal memos we received.

  17. Jessica

    I have the Sprint Spartview 2.25 and I just bought a new laptop which has windows 7 on it. Needless to say this is not compatible with windows 7. So if you like the phone as modem; do not switch to windows 7. I called Sprint and they stated that they have no plans to come out with a download to make them compatible.

  18. Bill

    READ THE LEGALESE, folks – I’m glad I did!

    “Periodically, Sprint will issue mandatory Software updates. These mandatory Software updates will install automatically and will not request Your consent at the time of installation. Your acceptance of this Agreement supplies Your consent for all future mandatory Software update downloads and installations. If You intentionally prevent a mandatory Software update from downloading or installing, Your prevention will constitute a breach of this Agreement, and Sprint reserves the right to terminate Your Software license as defined in Section 4 of this Agreement.”

    So basically by installing the update you give Sprint the authority to hijack your system and deposit whatever they want on there whenever they want. Need I say I checked the “I do not agree” button and cancelled the installation?

  19. Chris

    Ok can somebody clarify this for me…

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 with Sprint. I pay ALA CARTE (voice plan + Blackberry plan + PAM plan) and am right now using Smartview 2.25.0046.

    Are you telling me if I upgrade to the new Smartview, I will NOT be able to connect my Blackberry, of which I paid $15 extra a month to use as a modem???

    I read through this blog and it all seems to be bits and pieces but nobody has addressed the “real issue” here.

  20. sojorn

    I’m having incredible problems with the new Smartview. It’s screwed me up and I’m on the road and can’t do anything about it. I’m going insane with this.

  21. Stlcraft

    I just spent 2 hours dealing with this automatic update. What a load of crap. Have you read about them charging customers 5 extra dollars a month for ASL? Convenient plan for automatic spending limit that forces you to pay extra or sign up for auto pay. I’m sick of Sprint, but they have the best pricing so for now I’m sticking it out. Hope 4G is worth the wait.

  22. josh

    Yep my wife and I are about out with worthless sprint………….

  23. Nisi

    The latest version of Smartview does not work with Windows 7 x64.

  24. CaptCox

    I am fed up as well. I already dropped all my phones. Now the SmartView update ruined my OS. (Windows XP SP3). Immediately after installing the update, the computer fails to reboot. When in safe mode it immediately gives a shut down count down box which cannot be killed. I get lots of application error messages during boot up or shut down.

  25. W2CC

    I had fits with this as well….until I realized you can use Blackberry Desktop Mgr’s IP Modem function. Works just as good as Smartview.