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16 responses to “MetroPCS Launches ZTE Essenze Slider”

  1. JOshua

    I bought one of thos ZTE Essenze from the metropcs located in meijers at 13 and john R on December 17, 2009 at about 4:30pm. I bought the phone when I was on lunch at work ,I would say at about 4:30pm or later.
    The guy rambled on about how what a “BAD MOTHERFUCKER” this phone was, so I bought is for $106. I left work at 11pm when I got home I went to bed. The next day I woke up at 10:45pm, I didnt have to be to work intil 1pm so I watched a movie. I left for work and grabbed my new phone and put it in my big front pocket. I started to cupping candy at work and decided to text my friend, and what do you know the screen wasnt working it was all white. so I decided to take my phone back to get my money.I punched out for lunch and went up to there counter in meijers, I waited in line for about 22 mins because the women behind the counter was talking to another customer. I showed some one else that was waiting in line the phone and how it broke within less than 24 hours, The woman behind the counter finaly asked “WHAT DO YOU WANT” I was like look at the phone, She picks it up and takes it out of the case and saw that the phones screen was all white, She instantly said did you drop the phone I said no, then she said so you sat on it, I said no it was in my front pocket which are huge and not tight. she said nothing after that, then I asked can I get my money back for the phone i do not wish to trade back for the same crappy phone I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! she tells me i need to have the case and everything that came with it so i tell my boss im taking a long lunch I go home and get my box and every thing that came with it including the crappy phone. When I got back to meijer the guy that sold me the phone was in there, once i showed up he started tell me the same thing the girl did, “YOU DROPED IT OR SAT ON IT ” I Said no I did not , but after about 30 mins of him telling me it was me and something about “What did god break your phone, did I break your phone, we dont have a button that breaks your phone or something like that, he started to piss me off I figured he was cussing so I started to cuss. Then he told me to Get the fuck out of here before i do something to you, I was THINKING WHAT IS THAT suppose to mean ??? IS HE going to hurt a customer ??? I walked away pissed off I called my dad and told him about it he came up at about 7 PM I took my break and went with him, my dad was talking nice at first but the guy wouldnt lisson to my dad too, he told my dad they just came out 8 days ago its new there in nothing wrong with this phone and never will have any problems, hes a tech he said i know this phone is good ,My dad asked what kinda of crappy phone are you selling if it breaks within 12 hours of owning it with out me abusing or sitting on the phone. the guy just wouldnt give up and admit the phone was the problem not the customer. my dad told him you dont give a shit about the customers do you and he said nope i dont give a shit about customers,He said about 2 times, the funny thing about that a few other customers were in line looking at the guy as he said it. he told my dad theres nothing he can do for us and said something about a some office that wasnt there, that could help up.
    I would say never get this phone and never trust metropcs, they are con artist, they act nice when you are handing them $106 but one you have a problem they dont do anything for you and threaten you on top of all that, I dont know if metropcs corporates care but I do so Im calling customer service tommarow and sending a letter to corprate asking for apology for all the trouble and for the guy threatening me. I dont think meijer would like to here about metropcs customer service, because meijer is a friendly store that is big on customer service, they take back anything even apples with bites taken out of them NO QUESTIONS ASKED. metropcs has something like that but they dont really care about the customers and wont give your money back even after asking a thousand question and accusing the customer that it is his falt and there is no way the phone has problems, and on top of it threaten the customer, but dont let me discurage you from buying the phone buy your on your own after owning it.

    Thanks for reading this hoped you all enjoyed it.

  2. Anon


    So sorry to hear that! I can’t believe that happened. I believe you but wow, still…So sorry.

  3. jo da ho

    i have this motha fuka phone and it freezes on me and im like dude what the hell so u no what i did. nothing thats wat i did nothing hope u enjoy and remember that u alawys clean up your room when its a mess and good things CUM your way by

  4. jo da ho

    by the way this phone sukes dont by it!!! i have to wait until my brithday to by a better phone ^^

  5. Passionique

    Im so happy that u told your story about this phone because i was goin yo get this next week

  6. REmix

    Man all I can say is that this fone is gay. Dont buy it.
    I had bearly got it on my b-day and it gave me so many problems that now im waiting to get my new fone. My fone freezez and turns off when Im talkin to my classmates to do problems from school it does that same thing various times and the pictures it’s just not worth it buying this fone.
    People read al the coments placed on here and we is not lieing we all hav that same crapy fone dont no ho made it but ur creation doesnt work at all.. Ho ever made this fone mann u hav bad teachnitions on fones and electronics. People keep ur money n dont buy it..

  7. szhawnal

    i actually really like thtis phone… i havent had any problems with i had it for a while now.. a month or two. dripped it and sat on it and nothings wrong

  8. shauwana

    this fone really sucks i already had too exchange it.
    no its like all weird and crap it charges by its self. and sometime my pictures wont load.
    and it will not charge. it slow on the internet.
    camera is very bad. and cases break easily.
    no video recorder. it’s horrible.

  9. shauwana

    and yea it freezez

  10. Joe

    OHHHH yeah this phone definately sucks man. The predictive text is REALLY fucking stupid… It’s an act of congress to get the phone to send fucking pictures. and as far as i know it doesn’t support data interface so you can exchange info between your phone and your computer. WTF man. If you are going to make a modern phone at least make it to where the predictive text makes sense and is easy to manipulate the word. it’s fucking retarded. Plus make it data interface capable or at least put the fucking driver disc in the box if there even is one. and make it more user friendly by intergrating the age old technology of SOFT or SMART keys you idiots!!!! just about every thing on the phone is standard. i payed $100.00 for this phone and it’s one of the most expencive pieces of shit I have ever owned. Ohhh and good luck getting directly in contact with ZTE manufacturing company. The fuckers are chineese, Sure they have manufacturing facilites over here but it’s like they don’t want you to get in touch with them. I have searched for 4 hours trying to find a way to get in contact. and NOTHING!!! DO NOT BUY THIS EXPENCIVE PEICE OF…, NO TEXTING, NO DATA INTERFACING, NO VIDEO RECORDING, NO CAMERA ZOOMING, NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT SSSHHHIIITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mojo

    This phone is ok. Im on my secondd one. Only because the other phone of the same class and price was red. Looked like a agirl phone so i bought this phone again. The firts one died. I admit i leaned againts a car and smashed the screen. It is pretty weak compared to cheaper phones ive had in the past. The zoom works on the camera but i do get that error sometimes where it cannot view certain pics that I took with the damnd camera. The thing is slow as all hell. Browsing teh internet takes forever adn is definatly not worth it. I would rather do without the internet than browse on ths phone. It has trouble downloading images or sending images via text. Sometimes it just cant altogether. Bottom line is this phone sucks mostly but is better than the other cheapo phoes from metro. At least noww i have an extar battery..woo ho.. *sarcasm*. I would suggest buying this phone off ebay.

  12. Dave W.

    I had this phone for about a week, when the damn thing wouldn’t turn on. I took the battery out, and tested it, which was fully
    charged at 4.1 volts. I put the batt back in, pushed all the buttons, and nothing. I took it back to the MetroPCS store, and handed it to the douche behind the counter. He was playing with it for a few minutes, not turning the phone in my direction, so I couldn’t
    tell he had the thing working or not? The damn thing was working,go figure? I asked him what the hell he did to it to make it work?
    He said, I just pushed the On button. WTF? I told him, that alls I ever did to turn this peice of junk on was to slide it open.
    He tells me, that that’s not how you turn it on. Then why did everytime I slide it open, it always turned on? He said this phone
    is junk,too. It’s made in China, figures. He said if I wanted to get another phone, I’d have to pay, or some crap like that. MetroPCS
    has nothing but A-holes working for them, with the worst customer service known to man. What a mistake buying this crappy

  13. Angel Garcia

    i HAVE the same ****** phone and it did the same and froozed tooooo stupid phone my brother-in-law phone did the same we have the same phonei was pist and so did my friend cuz he has my phone tooo. A lot of people returned that phone back when iwent to return mine cuz of the stupid white screen

  14. david

    dis is da most crappiest piece of **** ever. 1st it kept freezin each time i typed, then i cudnt see my ***** pics, then da mutha ***** screen startin goin all blank n now it stayed like dat,i cant even see wtf goin on wit dis ****.. WASTE OF MONEY,DO NOT BUY DIS GARBAGE METRO PIECE OF **** PHONE!

  15. bday girl

    i had this phone for about 3 months and now it has awhite screen i thought it was a tough phone but i was wrong i hope they give me a new phone!!!! argh!

  16. glen gagnon

    Im trying to put my fotos on my pc from my zte c70 CDMA 1X Digiital Mobile Phone