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10 responses to “Instinct HD Preview: Sprint Titan Loaded, Opera Mobile Deal Exclusive”

  1. Dennis Bournique

    Christopher, is it real Opera Mobile not Mini that’s in the Instinct HD? The operator deal that Opera CEO on von Tetzchner alluded to in a July interview with IDG reporter Elizabeth Montalbano: supposedly involved Opera Mini, not Opera Mobile.

    If it is Opera Mobile, I wonder if it’s the long in the tooth version 8.60 that was on some RAZR2’s or a brand new Opera Mobile for embedded OSs based on the Opera Mobile 9.5 or 9.7 platform which includes widget support?

  2. Snidely Whiplash

    Are you sure Titan is included on the HD? According to Sprint’s Titan developer pages, Titan is for Windows Mobile devices.

  3. Christopher Price

    Yes Dennis, it is the full Opera Mobile browser, not Opera Mini.

    We’re aware of what Opera’s CEO said at the time. While it’s possible that an Opera Mini deal with another carrier is imminent, we believe that Opera’s CEO simply misspoke, or intentionally misspoke to shroud that Opera Mobile finally got a U.S. carrier agreement.

    Titan is not just for Windows Mobile devices, the Sprint ADP site notes that the Windows Mobile runtime is currently the only version available. And, that is correct… but Instinct HD will change this. Sprint has never said that Titan was intended solely for Windows Mobile, that would be, well, pointless.

  4. Snidely Whiplash

    And there was a point to introducing the Instinct and S30 with their proprietary mix of non-LCDUI-compliance, closed APIs and closed BREW OS? Yes, if the point was to limit third-party development.

    Same seems to apply here – introduce yet another unique programming environment at the same time that developers are flocking to Android, iPhone and WebOS. If Sprint is the only resource behind Titan, it will die just as the Instinct is dying, due to lack of support.

    I don’t think you can associate logical actions with Sprint’s actions.

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  6. Chris

    Any chance that the instinct HD’s software will be ported to the original instincts? I know sprint messed up MR-6 software update and has pushed the release date out for MR-7. Any chance MR-7 will be this new titan platform?

  7. Don Louie

    I always thought the Instinct, Omnia, Delve, Behold and Eternity were the perfect opportunity for Samsung’s App store to launch stateside. Those feelings are amplified with news of the HD and Q

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