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9 responses to “Sprint Samsung Instinct HD to Be Best Buy Exclusive”

  1. Jeff

    Instinct = fail

  2. Your Mom

    You = Failure^^^

  3. Brian

    The way Sprint and Samsung has handled the orginal Instinct m800 has been a major let down on all fronts. They should give these to current owners along with a letter of apology over the failed updates and lack of basic options/features even after a year of having the Instinct available. I’m not going to hold my breathe on this one.

  4. grandma

    no, he’s right, didn’t you hear the instinct sucks, no apps, hardware is ok but OS is shoddy. Android FTW.

  5. Christopher Price

    Sprint appears to be pointing towards the future Android-powered Instinct, and telling folks that the M800, S30, and HD Instincts “aren’t designed for you”.

    It’s such a shame, since there is a full native code SDK for the Instinct variant in South Korea.


    I’ve had the original Instinct for over a year now and I’m almost embarrassed to say I LIKE IT! Quick news, weather, e-mail but I guess it doesn’t have an app for scratching an itch.

  7. smackadoddle

    instinct is the best phone in the whole wide frigging world. i got one and wouldnt trade it for anything! (except an iphone)

  8. joe

    I just want them to fix 3 things and ill be happy 1 make it so you can touch 2 things on the screen at once… sounds stupid but when you text and leave your finger pressed down a tad to long it doesnt hit the next button. 2 THE LAG OMG MAKE IT STOP EVERYTHING TYPING IS JUST LAG. and 3 PUT FLASH PLAYER ON THE DAM THING! thats all

  9. Jonathan

    I had an iPhone and it was good. I have the S30 and I love this phone. You don’t have pages of pointless apps, awesome qwerty keyboard and one touch everything you need. I love the phone, it is incredible. The iphone is ridiculous; who the hell has that kind of time playing with a phone. I thought it was way to wide, uncomfortable to hold; unless you have monster hands, and they arent even making a better design. The same old thing with better hardware. Let me tell you something, Sprint is the bomb and if you have another carrier, try the switch. I did and I love the instinct and sprint. Oh, im an engineer so I know my stuff.