Google Maps for Mobile Adds GPS, But not Sprint GPS

Google has quietly released yet another un-announced update to their free Maps for Mobile software. Version 1.5.1 adds support for built-in GPS in select phones.

Previously the application only had support for GPS on Windows Mobile devices, as well as on Helio phones.

However, the newly added support for GPS is minimal. Only open devices with autonomous GPS, such as the BlackBerry 8800, can take advantage of this new support. Sprint and Nextel phones cannot use the built-in GPS, for separate reasons. Sprint PCS devices have closed GPS access, meaning Google cannot access it without paying Sprint per-user. Nextel phones do not support over-the-air downloading, despite having autonomous GPS built-in.

Sprint users can still download version 1.5.1 of Google Maps for Mobile, however they will not have access to GPS services.

Google Maps for Mobile