RAZR 2? LAZR? Meet the Motorola V9m

Regardless of if it’s the Motorola LAZR, or the Motorola RAZR 2, we have below the first shots of its CDMA version, the Motorola V9m.

The Motorola V9m is expected to launch at least initially on Verizon Wireless, using both touch screen and BREW UI with Adobe Flash. As shown on the shots below, the touch screen elements extend onto the large external display.

The Motorola V9m (right) compared to a Motorola KRZR…

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In related news, to add name insult to name injury, there are some rumors that Motorola will change the product name from V9m to V9c, to better represent that it is a CDMA device. Motorola has used the “m” moniker to differentiate between multimedia and non-multimedia CDMA devices.