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One response to “Google Discontinues Nexus 7 Production And Sales”

  1. Christopher Price

    Google doesn’t usually acknowledge issues with older Nexus devices, other than to fix them. Android 5.1 solved these issues already.

    I really don’t think this has to do with Android bugs. Google discontinued the Nexus 5, which I would bet my fortune was outselling the Nexus 6 even at the end.

    I won’t speak to OEM interest, but Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 were things LG and ASUS wanted because it granted them early access to future Android releases, as well as hands-on collaboration with Google on their AOSP device trees. That’s very valuable – enough to be willing to sell some devices at razor-thin margins. The LG G2 and G3 are direct beneficiaries from the collaboration on Nexus 5 – and cash cows for LG.

    Google has obviously decided that Nexus should be focused on high-performance, answering Apple, and pushing Android to the areas the device makers don’t want to go immediately. The era of cheap Nexus devices, aside from niche plays like Nexus Player, is over.