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5 responses to “First Verizon HTC Imagio XV6975 Image and Specifications Surfaces”

  1. vikas

    pls confirm me which model in htc is support gsm+cdma dual sim mobile & what is the price in delhi (india)

    wait for your reply.

  2. deeskillz2000

    The Imagio will definitely be available for purchase in early Oct., but not in the stores. The stores won’t see it til the 26th. This will also be the first HTC device to have support for VCast w/Rhapsody.

  3. BachinPhx

    Not in the stores like in the TP2 which STILL isn’t in the stores and now sold out on line too. When asking the sales rep at the VZW store how I am supposed to demo, all I could get was a shoulder shrug. I asked him if I should go to T-Mo or Sprint to try it out. All he gave me was a deer in the headlight look. Way to got VZW!!!

  4. Christopher Price

    How to demo the Touch Pro 2:

    1) Order online.
    2) When it restocks, sign for the package.
    3) Activate on your account.
    4) After 30/14 days, return it with the prepaid shipping label.

    Hey, if Verizon can’t get a demo unit in stores, our Consumer Advocacy Department has certified us telling you to buy it, try it, and return it if you don’t like it.

    I personally think Verizon should learn from Sprint, and make sure each store has at least one unit. It has worked well for Sprint on the Pre, and soon will on the Hero.

  5. BachinPhx

    Great idea to demo a phone that isn’t even in the store. So buy it, try it and if you don’t like it, return it? Next, can you tell me why an advanced company like HTC refuses to put a flash on their cameras? If it doesn’t take too much longer, I’ll probably hold out for the Samsung Omnia II. All the right specs and an 800mHz processor too.