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37 responses to “First Live Images of Samsung Code for MetroPCS”

  1. Christopher Price

    Finally, Windows Mobile officially on MetroPCS. I think this could be a significant game-changer to no-contract postpaid. It might prompt Boost to go back to CDMA with some earnest.

    With MetroPCS’s broad roaming agreements, it finally is starting to make sense for even elite customers to make the switch.

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  4. celz

    whats the plan if i can activate another cdma wm phn on it i might leave sero

  5. Don Louie

    Metro flashes any CDMA phone for use with them

  6. celz

    so smartphones with evdo are the same as any other phone.. i have heard of metro refusing smart phones lately and people resorting to esn swaps

  7. Don Louie

    I don’t about thier flashing policies, check out the forums here, on howardforums or you might get an answer at BGR and engadgetmobile

  8. Christopher Price

    Don Louie, that’s not quite correct. MetroFLASH supports flashing a few popular CDMA phones, but no Windows Mobile phones.

    To get a Windows Mobile phone working, you must undergo a laborious and unreliable process of hacking nearly every setting on the phone, with third-party hacking tools. Even then, it often doesn’t work because of firmware-coded restrictions.

    Safe to say that this isn’t an option for the typical consumer.

    Worse, this only works in non-AWS markets, which account for all new growth in MetroPCS. And, if you travel to an AWS market, guess what? You get no coverage.

    If I was on MetroPCS, I would have a phone with 1700 MHz in it, plain and simple. Thankfully, it looks like the Samsung Code will deliver on this… finally.

    P.S. The Forums would have been the first place to go to, to get that answered.

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  10. PikRoa

    How about price???

  11. Sean

    is this going to AWS capable?

    I noticed the US Cellular version wasnt.

    here’s to hoping.

    Anyone have the FCC on it?

  12. Sean

    looking back, I see that it is!


    Next question, how does Metro handle data roaming agreements?

  13. lb

    For the record MetroFlash supports htc diamond/touch pro which are windows mobile devices.

    I have a friend with a touch pro on metro, he bought a sprint version on ebay, went to a metropcs store and they flashed the rom. He has everything working including mms. Unlimited calling, unlimited text, unlimited internet… for 40 dollars a month. Not too shabby.

  14. Christopher Price

    Sean, unfortunately, data roaming is still in the wild west on MetroPCS.

    If you are in a Cricket/Leap home coverage area, you should have full data roaming. Cricket and MetroPCS have an open roaming agreement, where each can access all services on each other’s networks.

    As to roaming on Verizon Wireless (via TravelTalk), it starts to get sketchy. There is a data roaming agreement in-place between the two, but it is being rolled out slowly and sporadically. There are some reports that it is available in the Southwest/West Coast areas. But, again, there are no guarantees, let alone a coverage map.

  15. joseoh

    Yea metro doesn’t flash ANY cdma phone. I have a moto evoke and NOBODY in Miami can flash it with internet.

  16. S

    Ew, you have an Evoke? I am so so sorry…

    Flashing does not include data capabilities no matter what type of phone you have.

  17. Ricky Bobby

    Chris Price,

    your wrong, metro flash’s windows mobile phones, hence why I have a htc diamond and touch pro legally working on metro pcs.

  18. Josh Coy

    MetroPCS will basically flash almost any CDMA phone but the only thing i do not like about it is that it only gives you the ability to make calls and texts, you cannot use the internet or any other additional features since they are not apart of metroPCS’s apps and features. hopefully they will upgrade their metroFLASH to where whatever features you had on the previous carrier they will give you the features that were similar to the previous carriers features.

  19. Jesus Figueroa

    MetroPCS flashes certain smart phones but not many, you cant get any blackberry working on there and only certain phones from Palm and HTC will work on there system and its only talk and text thats what sucks about it since they make you be on a plan that has web and mms but you cant use the services.

  20. VashTS

    Well first off all CDMA phones can be flashed if you know the right ppl. has a list of stores that can do this. Most phones can do everything! All LG’s cant do MMS but can do internet. Its all about the settings. Again for these just read on Everythings there!

  21. CoolDeal

    Currently MetroFlash will not support any kind of MMS or WEB capabilities. You need to know someone else that can program the phones to run those features. This works best on HTC phones (Pro/Mogul/Diamond/Touch Pro). The ONLY Palm phone you can flash to Metro currently is the Palm Treo Pro 850. It is the only one so far with the windows mobile OS, and not the Palm OS. No Blackberries from any other carrier are supported at MetroPCS (At least not at a direct store or indirect dealer)

    As for roaming, as long as you are in a metroPCS or Cricket coverage area you should have data capabilities. The best way to find out if you have coverage where you are going is at There they have a detailed coverage map where you can pin-point exact locations, and there’s even a legend to show you the coverage strength.

    Hope this was helpful.

    PS: The Code looks really cool. A nice step-up for a growing company.

  22. Lynn

    This is going to be a big one for Metro. I’ve been with them for years and just today I went in and almost bought the Blackberry when I was told that this little cutie is coming next month. Really need this to be able to access work e-mails more efficiently. Godd Job Metro…Thanks

  23. Shawn


    You went to a MetroPCS store and they informed on the Samsung Code i220’s release for Oct.? If so you have had better luck than I getting any kind of information from MetroPCS via phone or store about it. Talk about lack of info or knowledge regarding this phone! No employee seems able or knows anything of this phone hitting their network. No price or release date can be found out when I’ve inquired about it. I have even tried contacting Samsung!

  24. Jib

    I was told by a MPCS store rep that the Code should be available around next week or so (roughly Oct 12th – 16th time frame). The rep sasid he expected it to cost around $330.

    I was thinking of getting the Palm Treo Pro and flashing it to Metro, but he suggested I wait until the Samsung Code drops on the market, “next week or so, very soon”.

  25. Jon

    Samsung Code is Officialy $299+Tax

    If youre metropcs store got saturday delivery you should have it by today, otherwise regular shipment will come on monday or tuesday.

    FYI the code is awesome, that’s a perfect phone for those wanting a Blackberry on AWS markets like here in NY.

  26. chris

    IM dying to know if the samsung code has the ability to use the real windows live and the real msn messenger, all my friends have windows phones form other carriers and they use windows messnger on thier phones and that messnger has the capability to send voice messages in messnger

    so i need to find out if the samsung code has the windows messnger or can wee download it to the phone so i can send voice clips in messnger.

  27. kenny

    Damn metro is getting better and selling bette phones with it. I’ve used metro for a while I recently had the finesse and It was a good phone but I wouldn’t consider it a smartphone. Its just a high-end feature phone. None the less it was a good phone but I got tired of the screen cuz I got an ipod touch and I got too used to that sort of touch screen so yea I need a good phone with an actual keyboard. I want to get this phone but idk cuz I want to know if the web browser is a good like a real web browser. And I want to know if I can watch videos on the internet since it really is a smartphone and I know metro doesn’t really let you do that. I mean I can go on my ipod but I have to be connected to the internet in order to do that. But I really want to know more about this phone. I would so buy it and I know it would be worth the money!

  28. marj

    The phone is excellent. you can watch you tube videos, play windows media and use outlook for work email!! I love it!!! does have windows live and messenger

  29. Paul

    Have had one now for 4 days. Countless hrs in setting up e-mail. Metro tech support and metro tech hands on attempt failed.Metro tech support states phone soft where not compatible. I don’t believe it. I believe Tech support is clueless. I’m sure it will work out but for now be very careful. If you buy one, have them set up your e-mail and test it before you buy. So far kinda left out in the cold after spending over $300.00 for a phone and no e-mail. Looking for help if any suggestions. Metro and I have tried just about everything. It might just be my defective hand set.

  30. steaz

    I freaking love my Code!!!!!!
    I can do more on this phone than I could with my iphone!
    Metro is now offering the Code with $70 off in total rebates and the first month free.

  31. MamaGirl

    anyone having a problem setting up their new Samsung Code can just go to youtube and type in samsung code and you will get enough videos to show you how to set up and how to get the software you need legally, free and easy… enjoy your Code…getting mine for Christmas 🙂

  32. richard osuna

    I’ve got to say that this is an excellent choice of phone its by far Metro Pcs. best phone everything is just right dont have anything bad to say about it.

  33. Rita

    I just got the samsung code yesterday and I set up a password to unlock, but the thing is the timer on here is set at 1:04 and when the timer stops its not allowing me to put in my password. I think it may be b/c my children got their hands on it putting in wrong passwords. Please help give me ideas on how to fix this problem

  34. Lynn

    Can someone tell me how to download office to my phone samsung code i220

  35. mzzpeaches08

    the best merto phone every & i’ve had service with them for 5yrs now..u can do any & everything with this phone

  36. tanya

    can you play the facebook games on the code phone i want to know


  37. brianna

    we i find the samsung code the worst phone ever ! if you download apps the phone freezes ! ive reseted my phone more then 20 times already , ive lost my contact & pictures . ive only had this phone for 7 months . i thought its a smart phone , its sad i dowloaded a facebook app and my whole phone just froze . i telling you dont get the samsung code . you better of getting a black berry .