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2 responses to “US Cellular Reveals Samsung Code Windows Mobile Device”

  1. Sharlene Heacox

    I need a windows mobile phone. I need to get my work email which is not one of the “regular” emails listed using easyedge so I am told I have to buy a smart phone. I do not want a blakberry since the cost is huge and my office be getting rid of the blackberry server. currently they tell me I only have two choices, 1 has a slide out keyboard that can only be used for texting (makes no sense to me) and costs $200 with the contract. The other option is touch only and I don’t want that. I want soemthing comparable to the moto q9c. My contrac tis up, I would leik to stay with US Cellular but unless I can get a phone comparable to the moto q9c then I am forced to switch carriers which will take the rest of my family with me. Please help me. Thanks.

  2. First Live Images of Samsung Code for MetroPCS |

    […] be released sometime next month according to the most recent information available. The device was first outed by the FCC this past June Trackback | Permalink […]