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17 responses to “First Images of Motorola Opus One iDEN Android Handset Surface (Updated)”

  1. Kevin

    this is definitely one of those instances when they should make tis into a hybrid device. Even with WiFi its gonna be awful to use iDEN cellular data.

  2. Zach

    I cannot wait it looks awesome. I will definitely get it. Wonder if you need a data plan with it?

  3. Zach

    How much will it be

  4. Michael Cooper
  5. Paul

    ohhhhh no. i can’t wait to talk s*** about this one. I’ll keep it to myself until it comes out. at least you’re trying, motorola/iden/

  6. Michael Cooper

    Youtube has been taken down but here is the acutal action he sold the phone for 850 but claims sprint contacted him and had him take down the youtube videos anyway enjoying it while it last

  7. JailBird

    While iDEN data is SLOW, unlocking it and putting a Boost Unlimited SIM in it might make it worth it.

  8. Christopher Price

    You don’t need to unlock for a Boost SIM. It should work out of the box for Boost, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Opus One was offered on Boost directly. Unlike BES on BlackBerry, there are no royalties per-account to RIM, so Android should operate on Boost without any carrier concerns.

    Actually, since iDEN is slow, that may make it make sense for Boost. The carrier only offered CDMA dumbphones on UNLTD, because of fear that they would draw too much data. At least with Opus One, most users will rely on Wi-Fi for data.

  9. hmm

    Shit can’t work that good. Nextel data sucks. Whole damn company is ran by a bunch of sandni”ers.

  10. Duker

    why not run the data side off Sprint CDMA and the voice of IDEN. A reverse powersource phone!

  11. Christopher Price

    Because Sprint wants customers who want EV-DO on the CDMA side. And it would jack the price of the phone up by about $100, and cost Sprint a couple million to implement.

  12. Big Loser

    I have a motorola I880 phone on Boost Mobile. I use the Opera Mini 4 as my main broswer, and the Bolt Lite as my back up browser. The Opera Mini 4 browser is fast. In fact, Nextel should make it the default browser. Bolt Lite browser is okay.

    Most people don’t realize the amount of free java apps that are available for Nextel/Boost phones. Check out Getjar, Sharejar or Boost Apps. There is know reason to use the slow wap browser on Nextel or Boost.

  13. pepele pu

    I just buy this phone.

  14. BBrooksSux

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Iden Data runs at about 14.4kbps right? Android on that Data network is the equivalent of running a Nascar race with a bicycle!!! It just wasn’t meant to be. Shame on you Sprint that should be considered fraud!!!

  15. Christopher Price

    It is presumed that the Opus One setup process will heavily tout the need for Wi-Fi. I think Sprint will position the device as something superior to the iPod touch; a Wi-Fi centric smartphone with voice and text added on, as well as iDEN data as a last resort.

    Still, it just shows how shuttering WiDEN was the second worst move the Hesse era of Sprint has made. SERO-bastaridzing being the worst.

  16. MeMaw

    The point of this phone is for credit-trashed prepaid people who can’t afford better.Boost is $50 a month for everything, If I could just connect to my exchange server, I would be happy. Don’t care if it’s 14.4, just that my calendar, contacts, mail will show up.

  17. Andoman

    Nextel users are in dire need of something that has basic smartphone usability besides blackberry rip off. i.e. calender, email, etc. Most like myself don’t care how fast the data is because it will only get updated twice a day over wifi. I know this sounds sad but I just want to be able to dump my old palm pilot.