Manual Droid Eris ROM Update Available

Following up on the availability of the manual Motorola Droid update, there is now a manual update available for the Droid Eris with one major caveat.

Unlike the Motorola Droid manual update, which allows for inline updating without loss of data, the HTC Eris update functions exactly like any major HTC ROM update, meaning the device will be reset to factory settings and all data must be backed up beforehand, while the OTA update being pushed out by Verizon is a (much smaller) inline update and does not affect user data.

Read more for the update instructions and changelog.

The manual update file is the official file sent out by HTC complete with correct security keys for Verizon store techs to apply on customer devices. In order to update the Droid Eris manually, these steps must be followed:

Download the ROM update from this location (this is the authorized MR1 update sent out to stores), run the executable, follow instructions and after 15-30 minutes the phone will be updated after a reboot.

The update addresses the following issues:

  • While on a call and the device is in screensaver mode, pressing the
    End key now takes the device out of screensaver mode, and a second press will end the call.
  • On-call mute and speakerphone icon functionality is enhanced.
  • Upgraded functionality after activation eliminates the delay users were experiencing in receiving their first call.
  • Device now switches effectively from 1x mode to 3G.
  • Device no longer requires users to reselect a default email after power-cycling.
  • SMS and MMS messaging delivery is improved.
  • Eighty-character MMS/SMS message subject lines are now allowed.
  • Improved picture messaging functionality allows messages from LG
    phones to be opened properly.

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8 responses to “Manual Droid Eris ROM Update Available”

  1. F1

    Just a thought:

    How I miss the days, when you only had to gather the funds, and buy a cool gadget, i.e a Walkman/VCR/CD/LD/DVD etc and you never had to look forward to so called selective, random “updates” or “firmware” for
    the product, it was developed and tested, completed via “R&D” and lastly branded by the manufacturer, before it was ever marketed to the public, and btw it would stay in working order for years to come!

    You see back in the day, they had pride for their brand name,
    i.e. “it’s a SONY” campaign, now they just rush a product with multiple manfacturers having a hand in it, and no one takes reponsibility for potential resulting issues, each passing the buck to the other.

    Take most of today’s so called smartphones, i.e. HTC,case and point the Palm Treo Pro 850, SPRINT version, HTC designed it for Palm Treo with keypad & touchscreen, Microsoft “designed” MS mobile 6.1 O.S. and SPRINT is marketing it as a “Smartphone”.
    Palm discontinued it as it’s last MS product, hence it does not provide any updates or tangible support, Microsoft want’s to charge you for the 6.5 update, yet will not gurantee it even being compatible with the phone, and SPRINT is just being SPRINT by, for example unilaterely removing user selectable “roaming” option on all it’s phones, the most they will do, is to offer a swap for the same garbage. I personaly think the Android O.S. would be a better match for the candy bar format, but that would be a conflict for WebOS.

    Next comes the ultimate nightmare, the so called “cloud computing”,
    with that you can kiss your privacy good bye for good, all in the name of “cheaper” and “progress”, however at what cost is it “cheaper” ?

    Social values have surely changed, however my question is beyond general product liability, since we are well past that, as a consumer society, to me it is more a matter of National Security, what if on day the “Internet” is “no more”!? What would be the contingency plan for that?

    Who cares You ask?

    I still remember vividly, when former Secretary of State,
    General Colin Powell, former Chairman and Joint Chiefs of Staff,
    while conducting an interview, was bragging about “updating” the U.S. State Dep. by “getting rid of all the books” and accessing the information via the Internet and “Wikipedia” among other sites, never mind the “garbage in, garbage out” factor of the information sources.

    Meanwhile the hot issue of the day is far more interesting, what we are going to do, when Apple’s “iTune” will switch format to “LALA”, and you will be unable to access your music/movie files while flying the friendly skies, how would you keep yourself occupied with no access to your cloud library while floating in the clouds!

    Thank You

  2. Christopher Price

    Devices in the “old days” were too stupid to need firmware updates. You can reminisce, or give up advanced technology. But, Sony actually is the company that steps up with their TVs, and routinely issues firmware updates to improve the quality of devices that don’t normally get updated.

    Apple will not get rid of local content with Lala. Lala is about giving people Pandora-style access to much in addition to what they locally download. That’s why we didn’t cover it… it’s not a big as everyone is making it out to be.

    Finally, Microsoft does not charge for the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade. The last upgrade Microsoft passed along the fees to customers over, was Windows Mobile 2003. Six years ago. Microsoft is at-fault for refusing to allow customers to update their own devices, but that’s all about choice. You can chose an ecosystem like Windows Mobile, or you can chose an ecosystem like Apple’s. Both have their pros and cons.

  3. hardhack


    All i got from your post was:

    Blah blah blah get off my lawn back in my day you damn kids oops i crapped my pants fearmonger blah.

    I love that my phone can be updated and improved. And if the system goes to hell and the internet dies, we will probably have more to worry about than phone service. Till then, enjoy what you have and worry less. Your digestion will thank you.

  4. Nate


    When I bought my Walkman/VCR/CD/LD/DVD etc they were pretty simple devices, the technology and time required to make something play a cassette tape or a CD is way less than something like a smartphone, that can do nearly everything a modern computer can do.

    As for your complaint about the lack of privacy, it’s already here, already been here for a while. You use e-mail? All that’s kept somewhere else. Searched for something on google? Even own a phone? That’s all watched, and has been for years.

  5. F1

    Dear Correspondents,

    I sincerely appreciate your feedback,
    I do however have a clear understanding of the differences between the older simpler generation electronics vs. the contemperary more sophisticated electronics of today and even beyond electronics systems, however just because a product is more complex, it should not subtitute and compromise quality.

    As an example,the 2006 Samsung m610 had the computing power of a mid to late nineties desktop PC, yet would never crash, it died after 2.5 years, it had “one” firmware upgrade to make the video appear in fullscreen, that was it.

    Regarding privacy issues,in general there are two primary types:
    1. Official access,which is documented
    2. General public access via third party sources and the potential out of control access, that being my concern with “cloud computing”.

    The evolution of the writing medium, from “Papyros” to “MS Word 2000”, you could write and secure it at will, without any connection to the Internet vs. in case of “cloud computing” you are utilizing third party software remotely at a cost of potential third party access.

    Cordless telephones have long been exempt of wire tapping laws, by default wireless, mobile phones, and walkie talkies did not require a court order, because of the use of broad public air waves.Matters of National Security or local level of law enforcement should have reasonable access to any Data.

    I believe it is best to have a back up plan, just in case there are issues with the “Network” model.

    Thank You

    PS. I would love to have an iPhone but not with AT&T, vs. MS Mobile!

  6. Christopher Price

    Some manufacturers do a terrible job with firmware. Vote with your wallet. Apple issues lots of progressive updates, Samsung tends to call a phone finished when it ships out the door. They have only progressively updated a handful of Windows Mobile phones.

    If you don’t like AT&T, and you don’t like Windows Mobile, go with Android. They have progressive updates on a stable platform.

    If you don’t like cloud computing, don’t use it. Even Android now lets you opt-out of providing a Google account.

  7. F1

    @ C.P.

    I am awaiting the next Apple iPhone “carrier” move,
    most likely I will leave SPRINT for VZW, since I refuse dropping my modified Fair & Flexible 700, in favor an E.P. and furthermore increase my cost by 50% while reducing my minutes by 35%.

    Within the next six months I will pick between the latest Apple iPhone and the Google ERIS model, at last leaving SPRINT and Palm Pro MS 6.1 for good.

    Thank You

  8. mike

    How do I update my droid eris