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2 responses to “FCC Reveals Motorola A4500 Dual-Mode Smartphone for Verizon”

  1. Jim

    Ohhhhh Man, I LOVE it. A NEW Q finally. I’m still using my old Silver Neanderthal, while waiting for a new one. I suppose it will be a WinMo standard, not Pro, but that’s fine. Or not. I do like the mouse on some of the newer Samsung PPCs along with the productivity software, but hey.

  2. Seth

    how does audio fidelity and signal reception compare to my awesome e815? I bought a half dozen from an ebay store because I have zero confidence in the new *phones*! I couldn’t care less about interweb or tv on my PHONE. I’m not interested in being extorted out of $50 more a month for a “data capable” phone when I have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of using the data “features” of a “smart” phone. How smart is it to rape firmware?