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One response to “Editorial: HTC Blew Up a Fire Sale – Motorola Wrote the Damage Control Plan”

  1. Ken Wagner

    It appears that HTC only got to Step 1 and stopped. In fact, they only got part of Step 1 correct: they issued an apology, but only for the web site issues. Here’s what I posted on AndroidCentral’s story about the apology (see sttory at ):

    Disclaimer: I’m an HTC fan. I pre-ordered the HTC One M7 in April 2013. A couple of months later, I convinced a co-worker and her husband to buy the M7. In the last 2 months, I talked two friends into buying the HTC One M8. I love the One and think it’s be best phone I’ve ever seen. However, if the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, I’ll be the first one to say so.

    While Jason did apologize for the fact that “the site did not function properly and caused frustration”, that’s only half of the issue. (But as long as we’re talking about it, do they need to call in folks who are used to large sales volumes?) The biggest issue that HTC needs to fix in my opinion is their own marketing department.

    Jason apologies for “frustration some of you experienced with our first “flash” sale yesterday.” There’s the 800 lb gorilla: it wasn’t advertised as a “flash sale”. HTC emailed customers on Monday announcing the #HTCHotDeals promo as a weekly “12 hour event”. Twelve hours. As in half of a day. (See for part of a screen cap of that email.) It was *NOT* promoted initially as a “flash sale”.

    Then on Tuesday, another email went out to customers announcing the Nexus 9 half-price sale and stated that “supplies are limited”. If the deal was designed from the beginning to be a “12-hour event”, why change the promo to a limited supply “flash sale” and have just a “few hundred” units for the promo?! Don’t the folks inside HTC even talk to each other?! Also, if it was just going to be a “flash sale”, why did many customers not get email notification about the day’s deal until 4 hours AFTER it started? (Which by the way was about 3 hours and 15 minutes after they had sold out.)

    If that all wasn’t bad enough, HTC’s social media folks didn’t make things much better. When people complained on Twitter (about either the site being hosed, placing a tablet in the cart and then it selling out before they could finish the purchase, or the doublespeak in the advertising), @HTCUSA simply blamed high demand and limited supplies – and encouraged folks to try again next week. Not at all what folks wanted to hear. Take a look at #HTCHOTDEALS discussion on Twitter – you’ll see that my comments are tame compared to what others said in 140 characters or less.

    I’m afraid that HTC lost a lot of customer goodwill – and probably lost potential customers.