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11 responses to “LG CU405 Refurb Deal Returns, Still Best Prepaid Deal Ever”

  1. Jeff

    Any word on honoring the earlier offer?

  2. Christopher Price

    As noted in the AT&T Cashback: It’s Back article, yes, the old offer will be honored for anyone that purchased it before the price went up. All you need to do is activate the phone, submit your cashback request, and you’re all set in terms of cashback.

  3. Jeff

    I’m confused since an earlier comment mentioned buying airtime. Is buying airtime required? The terms of this offer seem to be unclear to me. I submitted a request, but haven’t heard anything. I bought two LG’s for $30 each before the offer was rescinded. I don’t recall any mention of needing to buy airtime.

  4. Jeff

    So with airtime, the entire discount is wiped out vs. just buying the phone without airtime. Seems like I wasted my time on this deal. I hope I can return the phones without too much hassle.

  5. Jeff

    I was hoping I could just buy the phone as a backup phone for my iPhone. For example, if I go boating, I wouldn’t want my iPhone to get wet, but a cheap $15 phone would be fine.

    I suppose I didn’t understand the “deal”. I went back and read the “deal” and still believe my though process is valid given the stated terms of the “deal”.

  6. Jeff

    Just so you know, AT&T says the phone is “activated” even though I didn’t buy airtime. You need to better synchronize your terminology with AT&T to eliminate all confusion.

  7. Jessica Holbrook

    I submitted my request for cashback several months ago and I never received it. I have activated the phone, added money, and I made sure to use the correct link above and I filled out the cashback request. Why did I never receive cashback?