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One response to “Cricket to Launch Oklahoma City as First AWS Market on April 8th”

  1. Joel Preston

    This is wonderful! Now Oklahomans can get the same shoddy, fly-by-night service from Cricket that we in Portland, Oregon receive! Advice to Okies: just because you see a listing for a Cricket dealer or service location listed on the Cricket website, that doesn’t mean it actually exists. We have at least two locations in Portland listed on Cricket’s website that have long since closed (one on the 600 block of Broadway Avenue, and another at the corner of NE Fremont and 82nd Avenue). From looking at the website, it looks like Cricket is everywhere! But just like the annoying animal it’s named after, this cell phone provider chirps and chirps, yet can’t be found when you want your phone fixed! Oh, and check out that great warranty! It costs you $45 to use it! Doesn’t that wireless option sound good at only $35 a month? But wait, they didn’t mention in the ads that the wireless card will shock you worth $100 for an installation! Cricket? Chirp? Where’s a hammer?