Costco Ends Return Policy

Costco has announced that, starting today, they will rollout nationwide a new return policy for all electronics. Previously, all electronics other than PCs and Laptops could be returned at any time, provided the customer was not satisfied with the product.

The popular retailer has been known for years as offering cell phones, and allowing many customers to return phones, even after they became out-of-warranty. Many have expressed concern that the policy was being abused, becoming a free upgrade program. Now, Costco has expressed the same concerns, retiring the policy completely for all electronic items.

The new return policy will limit returns on all electronics to 90 days, which is still three times the national average (of 30 days at most national retailers). It is not known if Costco will honor their older policy for previous purchases. The new return policy is currently in effect at all California Costco stores, and will be rolled out over the next five weeks to all other stores nationwide.

In addition, Costco is offering a free extended warranty on all PCs and Televisions, extending the warranty to two years, on all new purchases.