Nokia & Qualcomm Talk Nice, Avoid Issues

Nokia and Qualcomm this morning went a bit deeper into their legal woes this morning, as a court stayed a request from Qualcomm to halt all GSM phone sales from Nokia this year.

You wouldn’t know that from the webcasted CDG news conference the two held today. Nokia and Qualcomm today, during their conference, managed to discuss just about everything we already known about the CDMA marketplace. Aside from showing off already-announced Qualcomm chipsets and Nokia technologies, the two were silent.

But, in an odd turn of events, Nokia refused to answer questions regarding Nokia’s presence in the CDMA market. In fact, when directly questioned the current status of CDMA, Nokia would not even re-iterate their previous plans to stop selling CDMA phones. Larry Paulson, vice president of CDMA for Nokia simply stated they have been “very active in the business”. While dodging even the statement of the acronym, this move draws a more cloudy outlook on the handset maker’s plans.

Nokia, in the conference, touted the struggles in making a CDMA handset, the network interoperability problems, and essentially everything they have been complaining about CDMA since they announced intentions to halt CDMA phone development last year.