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4 responses to “Clearwire Announces Further Network Expansion and Dual-Mode Modem”

  1. Don Louie

    How will they hit these markets, will it be Clear or Sprint 4G is the question

  2. Christopher Price

    Both. Clear will be sold in all of these markets as WiMAX-only service, while Sprint 4G will offer 3G & WiMAX combined service.

    It’s certainly possible, down the road that Clear will also MVNO in 3G service as an option for existing Clear customers (so that they don’t have to migrate/cancel and switch over to Sprint 4G if they want to have 3G roaming).

  3. Don Louie

    I would like to know is Clear still doing the no contract plans and the home and/or mobile plans with the same cheap terms?

  4. Christopher Price

    Yes, their new plans are priced similarly to XOHM. However, that’s only available in Portland right now. The rest of Clearwire’s footprint is still on their older plans, and will stay that way until the Clearwire footprint is upgraded with the new Clear infrastructure.