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20 responses to “Sprint Samsung Instinct Mini Image Surfaces”

  1. DP

    Any word on whether this phone will have QChat?

  2. Dave

    I dont understand the point of this phone. Is it replacing the original Instinct? If its the same features but slightly different body design, then its pretty useless.

  3. Mustang46L

    So dumb.

  4. AmazinglySmooth

    Maybe this will be the real iPhone killer 😉

  5. Jeff

    Would the real iPhone killer please stand up?

  6. JJ

    The instinct isn’t made to be an iphone killer. It’s not considered a smartphone. Its a cool phone with a neat design, but it lacks a lot of the smartphone features. The pre will be the first real threat to the iphone.

  7. Don Louie

    The chatter around is this will have ptt but if it’s DOr0 that would make Readylink not qchat

  8. SaltyDawg

    The Pre and the Touch Pro 2 are the iPhone killers. The instinct is nothing special.

  9. stewped

    this is identical to the Instinct. just a wee bit smaller and a rounded shell. no way does it have QChat.

    this isn’t an iphone killer. it is a cheap touch screen candybar handset.

  10. Don Louie

    What’s up Sawlty Dog, it’s a misnomer to call anything an iphone killer, don’t discount the Android Instinct either.

  11. bottomline

    I tend to agree with most of the posts. I mean really, whats the reasoning for this phone ? Someone, feel free to let us in ? I personally, cant wait for the Pre & the Touch Pro 2………………..

  12. Christopher Price

    I suspect the Instinct M30 will eventually replace the original Instinct in the lineup. This is likely just a hardware bump, though I think everyone outside of Sprint was hopeful that the M30 would have improved things…

    … Like allowed for native code (App Store), similar to its Korean brethren.

  13. Don Louie

    It would be backwards for it to replace the original with it missing DOrA?

  14. Christopher Price

    Perhaps, but it wouldn’t be the first time. To the common consumer, EV-DO Rev A was not a selling point in the first place. If it lets Sprint bring the cost down, and 99.99% of consumers will never know… they’re going to do it.

    I suspect Rev A will sit out for quite awhile, it will take something like video calling to become pervasive (QChat aside). And, again, in this economy, I suspect it’s going to continue to be a smartphone selling point only.

  15. Don Louie

    That’s why I was so excited about them adopting qchat because I saw that demo Qualcomm had when the original had it I was envisioning an Instinct w/a front facing cam and ptt

  16. Mustang46L

    I’m not so sure that this is meant to replace anything. Remember that just last month the Instinct had a hardware refresh. This is meant to run along side the Instinct. Seems silly, but I guess there is probably a reason. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  17. jose

    The instinct sucks, this phone is worthless just like sprint. perfect match i guess

  18. Don Louie

    It’s great to have an opinion

  19. yoniee

    they showed on the internet that it has a full-keyboard.

  20. john

    I think it should a flash thats all it is really missing other then that its cool