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125 responses to “Exclusive: MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve Image and New Plan Details (Updated)”

  1. timothy watts

    Can u go on the internet with your htc?

  2. myob

    omg im getting that phone on christ,as i cant wait but on it says
    that the phone is for 299.99 and im only 9 years old i noe im spoiled hehehehe
    what can i say i had t-mobile then i swiched to at&t then i saw that every one had the samsung messenger so swiched to metro and if i get the black berry
    and after the black berry if i want NEW PHONE THEN IM SWICHING TOOOOOO. sprint i cant wait so far i had 34 phones people say im 2 spoiled lolz..

  3. damn


  4. k16

    do they sell it in ny because i been trying to find it and i cant =[ help i really want it

  5. KIM

    Does anyone know if I have the original red blackbeery ccurve from metro pcs when it has the 1 g internet and upgrades to the 4 g web, am i gonna have to buy a new bbc with the 4 g web? Or can I just keep my original phone and just upgrade the web itself… advice?

  6. KIM

    So there are not youtube and pandora etc, but Ive seen apps for those. If we download them will it work? AND if they do come out with the 4g web how do we upgrade???? do we have to buy a new one?

  7. timothy watts

    That’s a good question because this bbc is not a 4g phone and it only supports up to 3g so I wish it was a way I could know how there going to do this the only thing I can think of is there going to have to come out with a new blackberry for metro pcs

  8. timothy watts

    Youtube does not work 4 the blackberry on the metropcs but there r many ways around it and I beleave they are going to have a software update to blackberry os 5.0

  9. LadyDubb

    i need a bigger memory card for my metro BlackBerry any suggestions on what works what doesnt please let me know thanks

  10. timothy watts

    @ ladydubb it only supports up to 8gb

  11. sassy65babe

    K16 I am located in New York and the Blackberry they are saying is scheduled to come to New York at the end of March
    I already have the Blackberry lol
    I contacted Metro PCS before I got the Blackberry and they informed me it was going to work and I even told them that I was located in New York,I was very upset and thought about switiching
    But noooo
    I love Mero since I have been with them and cant beat $50 unlimited everything
    Thought about switching to Boost though lol
    But I will wait to see if the Blackberry service comes out in March like I was told by the Metro Pcs guy at a store where I live
    If not I give up on the Blackberry and will get another phone
    I cant believe they are taking soo long to get in in New York

  12. Leo

    Will a Blackberry from Sprint work with Metro ?

  13. timothy watts

    No sorry no other blackberry can work with a metro pcs

  14. sassy65babe

    Leo once the Sprint Blackberry is FULLY FLASHED over it should work
    You can contact your nearest Metro PCS store to see if the can provide you with information
    Call METRO PCS CUSTOMER CARE at 1-800-553-9315
    Once the ESN is compatible on Metros network you should be fine
    Contact the number above and get more information
    I currently have Metro PCS now
    Waiting on the Blackberry to hit New York 🙁

  15. Oboedad

    I have a CDMA BB 9630 (Tour) that was formerly used on the SPRINT network. Did not care for the BB that had been offered by MetroPCS and was wondering if there is a way to use the BB9630 on the MetroPCs and, if so, where does someone go to have it FLASHED? I had also been told that most of the BB features DO NOT work once flashed over. Any suggestions or comments? Thank you. I’ve had MetroPCS since it’s inception in South Florida 8-years ago.

  16. timothy watts

    I heard when u flash a bb to metro pcs its not guranted to work its a temp don’t know if its true but a guy at a metro pcs store told me a guy spend 400$ buyin a bb and getin it flashed to metro and he said bout 2weeks later it stop workin

  17. frank

    i just hope that track ball problem is fixed.. i had a blackberry curve for verizon and the track ball stopped spinning. i dont want metro pcs to have that same problem..

  18. timothy watts

    Trackballs can be replaced easy u shoulda took it back to the store

  19. frank

    i wish the new blackberry fones came out for metro pcs

  20. timothy watts

    That would be nice but I really think they r comin out wit another one they just have to

  21. cece

    my bro got this phone so am getting it lolx.

  22. Oboedad

    Hi everyone. I did purchase the new MetroPCS BB8530 and, yes, it’s quite an improvement over the previous BB8330. Still has a couple of minor flaws, plus there are clear differences in some of the functionality of Metro’s apps, such as the MetroNavigator. The minor flaw? The phone gives you ABSOLUTELY NO NOTIFICATION whenever there is a voicemail left! No visual nor audible notice whatsoever. Per Metro this was a clear design (software) error on the part of Research in Motion (RIM), and they are hurrying to come up with some sort of patch to resolve this. Also, on other Metro phones when you would dial 611 (or *611), your balance would display on the phone. Another omission on the BB8530. But, aside from that, the phone truly works GREAT!! I’ve only had “2” instances where the phone has locked up for some unknown reason, and the only FIX was to do a reset via battery removal for 30-seconds and then restart the phone. Aside from that it’s a terrific addition to the MetroPCS lineup, especially the WiFi connectivity (which definitely boosts internet access and browing; works great in public HOTSPOT locales). Battery life? I’d heard that it wasn’t so great but that, too, is incorrect. Bluetooth pairing and usage is a breeze and, the SPEAKERPHONE is, by far, the BEST of any phone. I have used it for conference call meetings on several times and everyone was able to hear me loud, and clear.

  23. Toni Olson Popori

    I’ve been with Metro PCS since they started in California but I am really disappointed with them.

    I bought a BLACKBERRY CURVE 8330m. It was great. Then 8 months later (now) the trackball stopped working vertically (down). Every other direction was fine. The BB CURVE 8330m had no other problem. I called the store where I bought it and they said I had to take it to a corporate store for examination. No one was able to fix the trackball.

    I went online and I called a few places. I was told to call the insurance company for a replacement BB CURVE 8330m and pay a $85.00 deductible. The BB was still under BlackBerry Manufacturer Warranty so why should I pay $85.00 to get a replacement BB 8330m. I spent top dollar and bought a brand new BB, paid monthly insurance for it (for over 8 months) WHILE it was still under warranty, but I digress. I was finally able to arrange a replacement phone with a $10.00 shipping & handling fee. That was much better or so I thought.

    When my replacement BB came it was a REFURBISHED BB CURVE 8330m WITH DEFECTS. It’s like buying a lemon used car. I’ve had to return to the corporate store and wait in outrageous lines 4 times to return a 3rd BB CURVE 8330m. I ran the 2 diagnostic tests on my original BB Curve 8330 before I took in the original BB so I could have a comparison. Everything passed except the one direction of the trackball.

    None of the replacement BB CURVE 8330m (all refurbished) passed the diagnostics. Freezing screens, keys that won’t press properly, speaker distortion, recording problems, key to screen delayed reaction, all the important features I need in a “business BB CURVE 8330”. A replacement BB CURVE 8330M still under warranty and with monthly insurance should at least be comparable to the original BB. At the least it should be in working order without defects. The latest refurbished BB has problems too.

    I’ve been with Metro PCS since they began in California but I think there may be a scam in the works. At the least it’s totally bad business ethics. The service agreement is another issue but one hot potato at a time.

    A one owner BB with a defective trackball does not equal a refurbished BB with who knows how many previous owners (and their habits) and the problems they may have had with their BB. Is there any governing consumer laws in California for BBs, cell phones etc.? I know they have in Chicago for contracted service providers. Anyone know anything?

  24. Oboedad

    Sorry to hear about the problems that you’ve experienced with the (earlier, non AWS) BB8330. The “privately owned” MetroPCS stores are, generally, not in a position to make (manufacturer) warranty exchanges. It must be done via one of the Corporate repair and replacement sites. The trackball issue that you’re referring to is a ‘known’ BLACKBERRY issue; not exclusive to MetroPCS. That’s why they have done away with that on all of their current models, including MetroPCS’ BB8530 that came out a couple of months ago. I have been with Metro since their inception (in South Florida) back in 2002; trying out just about each of the different models of phones as they hit the market. I have, absolutely, NEVER had a problem with a (manufacturer) warrant issue and, of course, accept the “refurbished” replacement when offered. Even with the MetroGuard insurance program, you don’t ever get a NEW replacement. You have a phone that’s 8-months old. Why would you even anticipate that they would, now, give you a NEW replacement. If you buy an automobile with a 12-month, 12,000 mile warranty, and a problem pops up with the steering or brakes, do you ask that dealer for a NEW CAR? Of course not and, believe me, I am not trying to diminish your tensions or angst towards the situation. It’s just the way that it is and, by the way, the same holds true with SPRINT, and VERIZON!! If you sign a contract with them (which we are not required to do with Metro), and your phone carries a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, YOU GET A REFURBISHED UNIT if yours fails within that period. True we pay a higher price for our handsets, but that’s the price for not having to sign a contract.

    Now regarding the new BB8530. It works extremely well!! Even some of the original (minor) issues, such as a problem with Metro Navigator, seem to be working out now. It’s a GREAT phone, with pretty much ALL of the Blackberry favorites functioning properly. By the way: Metro is about to launch 4G service across the nation. Check out the Samsung R900 which they are giving Metro an exclusive on.

    Once again, sorry to hear about the problems you’ve encountered on your BB8330. I, personally, played with and tested that model from soup-to-nuts, and was not happy with many of its limitations. The 8530 has, without a doubt, surpassed that model hands down (and works nationwide via AWS, whereas its predecessor does not)

  25. PJ