CDMA Buzz-Words EV-DO Rev C as UMB

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today chose to brand the future 1xEV-DO Revision C standard as “Ultra Mobile Broadband” or UMB for short. The CDG is making this change in an effort to position EV-DO Rev C to better compete against more well-known standards such as WiMAX and WiBro.

The CDG expects Rev C to be completed in whitepaper form in the second quarter of 2007. The CDG also expects the first network hardware to be available in 2009. This compares to the stated timeframe of WiMAX for 2008, and the already-deployed WiBro outside of the U.S.

EV-DO Rev C incorporates much of the technology of the now-dead EV-DV system. Prominently, the support for a complete IP-based solution for voice and data.

However, many question the need for a separate brand name for Rev C. Carriers frequently brand services under their own brands, and adding UMB on top of EV-DO Revision statements, as well as carrier brands can cause even further confusion. EV-DO Rev C potentially has three different braidings (EV-DO, UMB, and Carrier Brand) for the exact same technology.