Sprint Hikes Text Messaging Rates Again

Sprint appears to have mended its past rate-hiking ways. Now, they won’t even let you out of a contract if they raise your text messaging rate. And October appears to be the perfect time for Sprint to leverage this.

When Sprint raised their text messaging rates last time, many used it as an ETF-out, arguing that the rate increase was a material change of service, and that their contract should be canceled… waiving any early termination fees. While some customer service operators tried to block this, Sprint eventually had to give up and either let folks out of their contracts, or revert the rate increase on a customer-by-customer basis. Sprint finally closed the loophole by amending their Advantage Agreement to say that casual rate changes did not qualify as ETF-outs.

Starting October 1, casual text messaging rates for those that do not have a SMS plan on their Sprint account, will be charged $.20 per message. That comes to $5.00 for the cost of only 25 messages… sent and received.