Wireless Store: Sanyo MM-7500 $239.99 for Current Customers (Updated)

Amazon.com has added several phones, one of which is the Sanyo MM-7500. They are offering it for just $239.99 for existing customers, making it the cheapest no-contract price for an EV-DO phone currently. The lower price is displayed upon selecting the phone, and scrolling to the bottom to view the no-contract options for the device.

We’ve also added Wirefly to the mix in the Wireless Store, adding dozens of lower prices on phones to free or more-than-free after rebate levels.

Sanyo MM-7500 Amazon.com Product Page
PCS Intel Wireless Store

Update: In addition, Amazon.com has dramatically lowered the prices of the T-Mobile MDA and SDA after-rebate:
T-Mobile MDA $49.99 After Rebate
T-Mobile SDA $-10.01 After Rebate