Sanyo 6600 Katana: Specifications

We can finally disclose hard specifications for the upcoming Sanyo 6600. The device has appeared in many form-factors and different prototypes have surfaced. However, since sources have pointed to the device reciving preliminary hardware approval, the final state of the device has emerged.

The Sanyo 6600 will fit into the same class of devices as the LG LX-350 and Nokia 6165i, a basic camera phone with Bluetooth and MIDP 2.0.

1xRTT (No EV-DO)
QVGA Display
NetFront 3.1
CMOS Camera (No Video Support)

Internally, sources point to the device being designed in a similar process to the Motorola V3 RAZR. The RAZR was based on the designs and blueprints for the Motorola V600, refined down by taking advantage of cheaper, thinner components. The Sanyo 6600 has followed a similar development process, containing an almost identical hardware set to the Sanyo PM-8200, with the only added feature being Bluetooth. This also explains reversions in NetFront browser versions and the lack of the Sprint MI-UI user interface, as well as On Demand, that has been added in current Sanyo phones.

This week Sanyo also launched a teaser web site for the Katana. The web site does not provide any details on the device itself currently, only that the device will launch this summer.
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