VZW Speeding Up BroadbandAccess Network Expansions

With 17 press releases this month alone (the last count anyway) announcing the launch/expansion of VZW’s BroadbandAccess network, VZW appears to be on a roll with their EVDO network upgrades. Here are some press releases of this months launches so far….

South Carolinas Grand Strand
Atlanta network expanded from Gainesville to Griffin
Grand Rapids and downtown Holland MI.
Floridas Space Coast
Willimington North Carolina
Greenville North Carolina
Treasure Coast Florida
Marion County Ohio
Waco Texas
Daytona Florida
Agusta Georgia
Gainesville and Ocala Florida
Multiple launch announcements for California

It would appear that VZW was just pacing themselves with their initial network upgrade to EVDO and now are upgrading at a much faster pace. For all those VZW customers waiting for EVDO, this may be just what you want to hear.