Motorola ic502 Arrives At Nextel

Last night the highly anticipated Motorola ic502, dual mode phone, mysteriously popped up on Nextel’s phone page. The ic502 shows in corporate markets only by this morning, last night the ic502 did show up in affiliate markets also. For those of you who haven’t heard of the ic502 (is this possible?) here is a short list of it’s features….

*DIRECT CONNECT (Nextels famous PTT)
*Vision enabled
*Direct Talk off network walkie talkie
*adheres to military 810f specs

This is your basic vision phone with no camera, no bluetooth, that uses Sprints CDMA network for voice/data and Nextels iDEN network for Direct Connect only. The best part of this phone may be that it adheres to military 810f specs. Which means you can do almost anything to this phone and it should survive. That is short of completely submerging it in liquids or smashing it with something like a baseball bat or say…your car. Under “normal use and abuse” the worst that should happen is you would need to spray a little glass cleaner on a paper towel and wipe off your ic502 and you are back in business.

Nextel ic502 Phone Page