VZW Set to Offer 50+ Live Concerts On V CAST

On Monday VZW began offering live concerts through VCAST, over 50 of them this year.

“V CAST Performances is for mobile phone users who are passionate about music and seek the one-of-a-kind music experiences unique to live performances,” said John Harrobin, Verizon Wireless vice president of marketing and digital media. “V CAST Performances let fans experience the excitement of live music shows on the one device they always have with them – their wireless phone.

The first concert was Gavin DeGraw and Cheyenne Kimball from the Canal Room in New york City Monday night.

All that VZW customers need to watch these concerts is the $15 VPak and a Vcast enabled hadset.

Some of the venues where performances will be recorded are the Atlanta Roxy, Cincinnati’s Taft Theatre, Houston’s Verizon Wireless Theatre, Los Angeles’ Avalon Hollywood, New York’s Irving Plaza among other top name venues.

VZW Press Release
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