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7 responses to “Verizon Retools Prepaid Data Access, Now Identical to AT&T DataConnect Pass”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Lame. 500 MB limit on the monthy rate? Ridiculous.

  2. Christopher Price

    To be clear it isn’t a limit. Once you use up the 500 MB, you can fork over another $50 that resets the 30 days.

    AT&T and Verizon appeared to time this to match Sprint’s acquisition of Virgin Mobile, as they offer Broadband2Go. Virgin Mobile is still cheaper, but AT&T and Verizon each want to claim superior networks.

    Still, if you aren’t afraid of a credit check, the $59/5GB monthly plan is much better. You don’t need a contract to sign up for it on AT&T or Verizon.

  3. Jim

    Absurd. Only in America. In South Korea wireless data is pennies or less per MB. Once true competition comes to mobile data AT&T & Verizon will watch their customer base completely disappear.

  4. jim

    Shameless usury is apparently legal in America. Stratospheric interest rates on credit cards, mortgages and loans, sky-high rates like this prepaid scam job for puny data allowances on wireless data access, tax bailouts to corporations on threat of economic collapse, on and on. Not to mention the lawsuits…ATT suing VZW for their “maps”, VZW suing Sprint for their “most dependable network”, Apple suing clonemakers for permanent injunctions on the use of their OS….man, the dirty laundry waving in the wind of this country’s “free market” really STINKS.

    In Argentina, by way of comparison, Telefonika will sell you 1 Gig/day for 10 pesos ($2.50) and the account remains good for 999 days once established. And they are in Venezuela too. Hugo Chavez must LOVE these guys.

  5. F1

    Human disgrace,also known as “Greed”,however remember to have a ‘Happy Thanksgiving”, for all the “good”, that we still enjoy!

    Thank You

  6. Dan

    Typical. This is the reason why every time I either look at ATT or Verizon as a potential carrier I walk away.

    This is also a solid example why to many wireless data is still considered a luxury…… an overpriced, under utilized luxury.

  7. Christopher Price

    Sprint Relay Data Only is $30/month and includes 5 GB of Phone As Modem on any Windows Mobile, most BlackBerry, and all non-smartphones.

    If you’re paying more than $1/day, you’re paying way too much.