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5 responses to “Verizon Launches Samsung i760”

  1. Clyde

    I have a samsung i760 and have had some minor memory problems and was told by a tech. on their 800 # that I needed the new Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade. I have had all kinds of problems trying to download this up- date. I still haven’t been able to obtain this up-grade. I went to their Corpoate Store and was told that they could’t load this up-grade for me even though on my acct. it was noted that they should make this up-grade free. Whats Up

  2. Clyde

    I’ve tried from both the Samsung site & the Verizon site but keep getting an error msg. pop up. There should be an over the air upgrade considering there are patches involved & that its free to patch errors in device memory issues. Or atleast make the upgrade available from a Corporate Store. I have just gotten this swapped out for these memory problems & still have these issues w/t a couple of others. Seriously considered leaving verizon , but would have same issues else where because its all the same basic equipment. It’s a shame this is considered an up scale phone. Need help!

  3. James

    My phone constantly wants to goto broadband. It becomes a problem when I want to use it as a tether for internet access. What should I do to prevent the phone from goint to broadband w/o direction?

  4. Kevin

    i have been trying to use my samsung i760 for tethering but keep getting error message, “unable to locate com port 3”. Can someone help me please. i was told i needed to download more software.