Verizon Launches Orange LG enV as Online Exclusive

The LG VX9900, also known as the enV has been relaunched in a subdued
orange color.

Image   Image

Specifications are the same as the original with an outer keypad and
display for phone calls, with a horizontal clamshell that opens up to
reveal a landscape QVGA display and QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth with
A2DP stereo audio support, VZ Navigator support, VCAST Music and Video
support, PC Sync for music and files, 2.0 megapixel camera with video
recording, email and IM client, speakerphone, speaker independent voice
dialing, text to speech, and microSD expansion.

The phone is exclusive to Verizon’s online store and is available for
$150 after new two year agreement.

Buy an Orange enV at