Verizon Launches LG Dare and Decoy Online

Verizon Wireless has launched two of their most anticipated handsets in the LG Decoy and Dare.

The LG Dare features a 3 inch QVGA touchscreen display with haptic feedback virtual QWERTY keyboard, handwriting recognition, and stylus support, EVDO Rev. A data access, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, video recorder, and flash, microSDHC expansion slot, speakerphone, VCAST Music and Video, VZ Navigator support, and an HTML browser.

It also includes Bluetooth with stereo audio support, accelerometer control for automatic screen orientation, 120 fps slow motion VGA video recording, proximity and light sensors, 3D accelerated graphics, muiltitasking support, and a visual music management application similar to CoverFlow from Apple.

The LG Decoy features a built-in Bluetooth headset, QVGA display, trackball navigation, microSDHC expansion slot, speakerphone, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, media player, and a 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder.

The LG Dare is now available for $199 after new 2 year agreement and $50 instant online discount while the Decoy is on sale for $179.99 after the aforementioned terms. Both phones are expected to be available next month in all retail sales channels.

Buy a Dare from Verizon Wireless
Buy a Decoy from Verizon Wireless

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5 responses to “Verizon Launches LG Dare and Decoy Online”

  1. Jason Burnett

    I contacted Verizon at midnight to see about getting one of these phones for my boss and they claimed that they didn’t know which retail stores would have them, but you could buy them on-line.

    Even the link you provided doesn’t allow you to buy one! What do I have to do to get an LG Dare today?


  2. Humberto Saabedra

    Jason, I just checked again and the Dare is still listed as available. Granted, I live in a flagship market (Dallas-Fort Worth) so that may play a factor in availability. Care to tell us your general area so we can verify for ourselves that it isn’t available where you are?

  3. erica

    i think the DARE is beta den the DECOY

  4. erica


  5. ivy

    i really.. really like this phone. i lost it in the winder at our ranch.. and in the summer i found it in the mud.. and there was alot of snow that winder. and it still worked. i finally broke it. but i love it and i want another one. so does anyone know where i can get this phone cheap because i am broke!