MetroPCS Introduces MetroFlash CDMA Flashing Service

In a press release regional unlimited service carrier Metro PCS has announced the availability of the first official CDMA handset flashing service in the US.

The service, known as MetroFLASH allows customers with select handsets from Audiovox/UTStarcom, Samsung, Sanyo, Motorola, Kyocera, LG, and Pantech to take them to an authorized dealer or corporate store with the capability in order to program them for use on the network for a nominal one time fee of $30 with a free month of service included.

This is the first time a CDMA carrier in the US has offered such a service openly and is a very common practice in China, and Southeast Asia while the service is seen by many as a response to the recent trend by larger carriers to offer unlimited flat-rate service. The service is now available in every market except for Las Vegas and Bossier City, LA

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* CDM-8450
* CDM-8615
* CDM-8900
* CDM-8910
* CDM-8912
* CDM-8915
* CDM-8920
* CDM-8940

* K-132
* K-24 v1003
* K-323
* K-342
* K-404
* K-433
* K-483JLC
* K-493
* K-612b
* KE-413
* KE-424c
* KE-424c
* KE-433c
* KX-1
* KX-13
* KX-16
* KX-160B
* KX-18 5DW
* KX-18-5D0
* KX-414
* KX-44
* KX-444
* KX-5
* KX-9C
* KX-9D
* KX-9D-125
* KX-9E
* 5000
* AX-355
* AX-490
* AX-830
* AX/LX/UX-260
* AX/UX-145
* AX/UX-380
* DM-L200
* LG/UX-390
* LX-150
* LX-160
* LX-350
* LX-5450
* LX-550
* LX-565
* LX/VI-125
* MM-535
* PM-225
* PM-325
* VX-1000
* VX-10000
* VX-3200
* VX-3280
* VX-3300
* VX-3400
* VX-3450
* VX-4400
* VX-4500
* VX-4600
* VX-4650
* VX-4700
* VX-5200
* VX-5300
* VX-5400
* VX-6000
* VX-6100
* VX-6200
* VX-7000
* VX-8000
* VX-8100
* VX-8300
* VX-8350
* VX-8500
* VX-8550
* VX-8700
* VX-8800
* VX-9100
* VX-9400
* VX-9800
* VX-9900
* VX/AX-4270
* VX/AX-8600
* VX/LS-5500

* C290
* E815
* E816
* ic402c
* ic502
* K1m
* L7c
* V262
* V265
* V276
* V323i
* V325i
* V3a
* V3C
* V3c-2
* V3M
* V710
* V9m
* Ve
* W315
* W385
* Z6m
* Z6tv

* DM-P100
* PN-210
* PN-215
* PN-218
* PN-300
* PN-810

* SCH-A310
* SCH-A475
* SCH-A530
* SCH-A595
* SCH-A605
* SCH-A610
* SCH-A630
* SCH-A645
* SCH-A650
* SCH-A655
* SCH-A670
* SCH-A685
* SCH-A725
* SCH-A790
* SCH-A815
* SCH-A850
* SCH-A870
* SCH-A890
* SCH-A895
* SCH-A915
* SCH-A930
* SCH-A950
* SCH-A970
* SCH-A990
* SCH-N330
* SCH-R200
* SCH-R400
* SCH-R410
* SCH-R500
* SCH-R510
* SCH-R510
* SCH-R610
* SCH-U340
* SCH-U340-1
* SCH-U470
* SCH-U510
* SCH-U540
* SCH-U620
* SCH-U740
* SPH-A303
* SPH-A420
* SPH-A503
* SPH-A505
* SPH-A513
* SPH-A523
* SPH-A560
* SPH-A580
* SPH-A620
* SPH-A640
* SPH-A660
* SPH-A680
* SPH-A740
* SPH-A760
* SPH-A800
* SPH-A820
* SPH-A840
* SPH-A880
* SPH-A900
* SPH-A920
* SPH-A960
* SPH-i830
* SPH-M300
* SPH-M500
* SPH-M510
* SPH-M520
* SPH-M520-1
* SPH-M620

* M1
* MM-7200
* MM-7300
* MM-7400
* MM-7500
* PM-8200
* S1
* SCP-200
* SCP-2300
* SCP-2400
* SCP-3100
* SCP-3200
* SCP-4500
* SCP-4900
* SCP-4920
* SCP-4930
* SCP-5300
* SCP-5500
* SCP-5600
* SCP-6550
* SCP-6600
* SCP-6650
* SCP-6650q
* SCP-7000
* SCP-8100
* SCP-8300
* SCP-8400

* CDM-7025
* CDM-7025q
* PPC-6700

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137 responses to “MetroPCS Introduces MetroFlash CDMA Flashing Service”

  1. RB

    I was thinkin bout gettin a tmobile sidekick and flashing it to metro will everything work like pic msg and internet and can metro flash sidekicks because sum say metro can flash any phne and sum say dey cnt do sidekicks email me da answer please

  2. RB

    Metro pcs can’t flash any phone dat takes sim cards an employee dat works wit metro pcs jus tld me ova the phne so no sidekicks or nothin similar

  3. terry

    if i have my verizon phone flashed will the internet and picture messaging work?

  4. Lynn

    I took a Verizon vw5300 to Page Plus, they claim to use the Verizon network, they connected it. Unfortunately I don’t live in a MetroPCS area but I heard of Page Plus; they also have the $40 unlimited plan but I don’t talk much so I chose to buy minutes. I got 1,400 for $80 and there good for 120 days and carry over if you re-up before the 120 days. I would like to have a nicer phone than what Page Plus offers for sale; does anyone know of a compatibility list for this company? emai:

  5. Christopher Price

    PagePlus will work with any modern Verizon Wireless phone.

  6. dave hadder

    well it is true that metro pcs can reprogram / flash your phone it only covers your phone calls and text message,,,,no pic mail or web for your flashed phone….metro pcs uses houdinisoft flashing soft is there link.

  7. dave hadder

    a continuence from the posting above,,,,i know this becouse metro pcs and houdinisoft both told me this,,,now ive heard theres other flashers out there that can fully flash a phone so that every thing works but i dont know of any one that can verify this.if there is a company that can do it id like to know…then here is another aspect is flashing your phone really going to be worth it metro does it for 40 dollors and you get free activation and first month free,which ant bad,but what is some one else going to charge you then you still have to pay activation and first month threw metro so when every thing is done you could have well over a hundred buck invested in flashing your phone activation and first month is it really going to be worth it in the long run???

  8. dave hadder

    ok here is some thing i dont get,,,how can these phone manifactures,ie,motorola lg,sanyo exc discriminate aginst other phone providers,for example a comercial ,get the black berry storm only on amercias fastet 3g network ,sprint….why is that dont the phone manifacture want to make money ,wouldent you think the manifacture would make more money selling it to all cell providers instead of limiting it to just one provider????i think us and other countrys need to step up and put a stop to all this nonsence already,,,any phone any network….im a us citizen wheres the freedon and freedom of choice?????

  9. zack

    can they flash a palm centro to metro

  10. zack

    they do flash phones with sim cards beacous they can flash the t mobile dash 3g

  11. susy

    Can i flash the motorola droid to metropc with everything?

  12. tjb

    Not sure about the Droid. If not now, eventually it probably will be able too. I was told 1000x my palm treo wont be able to be flashed to metro, not only is it flashed to metro , but i still have the internet, i did lose picture texting, but dont really care, and im sure ill find a way for that to work as well.

  13. tjb

    Metro’s flashing software isnt the best, when it comes to the smart phones, the guy there at the corporate store called one of the other nearby metro dealers ( non corporate) and they did it for me no problem. I figure, i have unlimited texting, phone calls, and web browsing. Don’t give a rats about the picture messanging. So the corporate stores which do the flashing might not be able to flash what you want, so look up other cell phone dealers and they might have what you need. mine cost me 50 $ to do my Palm

  14. Amanda

    uhmm No once you flash over you can not return to your original carrier and when you do flash it over with metro you cannot send or recieve picture mail , thats about it , other then that , thats all i know (:

  15. Jasmine

    If I take my phones to metro to get flashed, what features will I lose? Will I still have texting, browsing, IM’ing, picture messaging, etc?. I have an LD Dare and LG EnV Touch. Please reply. Thanks

  16. Ricardo

    Be careful and don’t tell to any MetroPCS rep you are using a flashed phone with access to the Internet because they will block you out. I had so bad experience last night after 1 year using Internet and I argued with a rep because they moved my account without my permit to a limited one to force me to pay more. As soon as I mentioned the Internet and they noticed I’m not using a MetroPCS handset they block my access.

  17. spree

    You my friend, are dead wrong. I have been flashing Metro PCS phones for months, even before this MetroFlash service was launched.

    You can go to to find stores in your area that FLASH cell phones.

    In Miami we have been flashing the TREO 700P, 700W, 700WX and 755 with full metro functionality (talk, text and INTERNET) along with other smart phones such as the HTC Touch, Mogul, Pocket PCs and LG Voyagers.

    Official metro stores wont touch smartphones but independent metro retailers everywhere are hiring technicians that are constantly developing new software to flash every CDMA phone possible.

    Do a google search before making hasty claims- there are hundreds of mobile tech forums that have users with every type of flashed CDMA phone on Metro detailing the software and technique they used to do it.

    My $50 plan comes with free talk, text, long distance, international text, and internet with a data plan that isn’t on par with 3G but is NO WAY comparable to DIAL UP.

    If you haven’t experienced it, you shouldn’t be speaking. I lost my phone and had a brand new one shipped to me within one business day (Metro Guard Insurance) and have NEVER in 3 years had a problem with customer service.

    I have never had a recipient tell me they didn’t get my call or text, and have reception everywhere I go including the 1 1/2 HOUR LONG DRIVE ON ALLIGATOR ALLEY I-75 heading WEST (through the everglades and national preserve) that is infamous for horrible cellphone reception on every network.

    Educate yourselves before making statements and don’t be bitter that, with taxes, my monthly bill is $60

  18. Niesha

    Hello spree….

    Are you serious? I’ve seen so many posted tellin me that if i flash a phone the internet and pic messaging wont work…I want a touchscreen so bad but the one from Metro PCS is like 200….and i know i cant get a different phone for much much cheaper and flash it but if the internet and pic messaging wont work thats defeating the purpose….so pls email me cause i would like a little more insite…cause i’m lookin to get this done by the end of this month…

  19. Rashada

    hey ; is the sidekick able to be flashed too mobile from t-mobile?

  20. Patrick

    Metro unlimited nationwude at 40$ with talk, text, web great service good price. 4 lines 100$

  21. Fernando

    I had my samsung flashed to be able to use Metro PCS, but unable to use the internet. Does anyone know how to get access to the internet?

  22. Theking
  23. Kahmaar

    I have a samsung rant SPH M540 that is flashed to metro pcs and im trying to get internet on it. Can anyone help me?

  24. Tiffany

    my question is will metro take the t-mobile my touch phone? very important for meto find out. had this phonenot too long and seen how outrageous t-mobile is. gotta do something, but the phone cost too much just to put to the side! does anybody know?!?!

  25. Michele

    My daughter bought a locked Sprint LG Rumor LX 260 phone at a yard sale. I have three questions. First how do you unlock that darn thing? And second can the phone be switched to AT&T? Is that possible?

    Or is it just an inexpensive piece of jewelry, now? Ok, four questions

  26. Paige

    Can the samsung impression SGH-A877 be flashed to metropcs?

  27. Paige

    How do yo know if your phone is locked, without trading sim cards

  28. MdfromtheBAY

    I can add some internet and text messages on some sprint and verizon phones that Metro will not do. A fee is required.

  29. sam

    i just need ta know the steps ta flash my sasung instinct ta metro please

  30. bam

    Can the blackberry curve 8350 be flashed from sprint and all features work

  31. miya

    I have a verizon HTC Verizon Pro Touch 2, I took it to Metro Pcs and they flashed my phone for $10.00, I have internet and MMS messages,
    There is also a place on Bush in Tampa that is called Tru Celluar,
    They can flash any phone and you can talk any where in the US with th service. Its all about shopping around and price digging,

  32. suzieQ

    michelle. the sprint phone isnt compatable with the at&t unless it is able to accept a sim card. If it does have that capibility you have to call customer service for the sprint phone and ask them how to unlock it, then you call your carrier and inform them you have an unlocked phone from another carrier and walllah. although sprint might just be the one service that honestly doesnt have a code, I cant remember its been a while…
    hope that helps

  33. tara

    I want to know can i flash my motorola w x 445 to metro pc’s and how much would it cost?

  34. adam

    I’m tired of people saying there’s no internet or mms I have an HTC EVO 4g and EVO 3d both flashed from sprint by metro snirt used an easy guide on the internet to get evdo and mms

  35. jose jimenez

    does anybody know if i would be able to connect a sidekick 2008 to metropcs?

  36. Use any phone on virgin mobile or only their phones? - Android Forums

    […] CDMA phones. The official program is called MetroFLASH. You can read about it on their website. Here's an article that talks about the MetroFLASH service. Obviously, MetroPCS is not breaking the law or they wouldn't be doing this (for several years now) […]

  37. darius

    cn a galaxy note 2 from srint be flashed to metro pcs