Updated SlingPlayer Mobile Clients in The Pipeline

Sling Media, makers of the popular Slingbox line of products, are preparing new versions of their SlingPlayer Mobile client for S60, Windows Mobile Standard, and Windows Mobile Professional devices, as reported by Engadget Mobile.slingplayer_icon.jpg

The updated versions of all three SlingPlayer clients are said to be focused heavily on supporting new devices for each of the three platforms, and should also specifically target improving fullscreen video playback.  Nokia’s S60 operating system has been named as a target recipient for fullscreen improvements, especially for their larger-screened devices like the N95 8GB — which has recently been released with U.S. 3G support.  We at PhoneNews.com would like to see efforts made toward improved fullscreen SlingPlayer playback on Windows Mobile Professional devices by HTC currently affected by shaky drivers, including HTC Titan/Mogul/XV6800 (Sprint and Verizon), HTC Kaiser/Tilt/TyTN II (AT&T), and HTC Atlas/Wing (T-Mobile), among others. The new releases of SlingPlayer Mobile are planned for release sometime this spring.

In showing their support for a wide breadth of platforms, Sling Media’s planned port of SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry devices is still under development and should be available sometime this year.  SlingPlayer Mobile is available PalmOS devices as well, which will leave only the iPhone unsupported following the release of the BlackBerry client.

Sling Media’s Slingbox products allow users to stream television programming from home using their standard cable TV, satellite, DVR devices, and others to watch TV over a data connection on mobile devices or laptops from anywhere in the world.

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