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4 responses to “Nokia Launches N95-4, N95 8GB with US 3G”

  1. He123321

    Man this is the only phone that would make me jump ship, but I wont LOL. I played with an unlock unit in Canal ST in NY, and the phone is amazing.

  2. Mike Hunt

    $799 is a ridiculous price price for this phone

  3. Fahad Khan

    I just don’t like the keypad. I had the original N95 and I text a lot so the keypad was very bothersome. That’s my only complaint.

  4. Lloyd

    WOW!!!! WAYYYY BETTER THAN MY iPHONE!!!!! I got my nokia n95 8GB this morning and it beats my iPhone to the toilet!!! No wonder Nokia is such a hit in Asia in Europe! iPhone SUCKS!!!!